Hermie pollinating my other plants

Ok, I’m at a loss here. Second grow and same strain hermies again. Top buds are growing big and beautiful but lowers are developing pollen sacs. I don’t want to yank it, have no space to relocate it either. She also stretched twice as tall as the other one I planted. Any suggestions? 4x4x7’ tent in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I use 2 VS 2000 LEDs and have maintained a healthy PH, temp and humidity

Glad I waited. It’s been several days and now main fan leaves yellowed in one day. I have never had this happen. Last crop same thing. I caught it too late and now have seeds in some buds from 3 different strains. Does this mean I have a new strain too? Lol

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A new hybrid

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Remove the pollen sacs and let it keep on growing.

Spray the plant with plain water before you remove them to minimize potential pollen release.


I have the same thing going on. Starting my 5th week of flowering and lower bud sites have nanners popping out. I check them twice a day and pluck as needed. Fortunately for me my 2 plants are on the smaller side