New to growing with leds

i am on a tight budget …

i bought this spider farm sf1000d to get started … can anyone recommend a led i can add for flowering …that will help my yield an i am growing in organic soil with worm casting. i have 3 plants ones sum maconga i got seeds from dispensary nug… others are auto flower white widows.from here.

i got dupped with that spiderfarm light they put up wrong chart… for it they put up sf1000 chart for iam ocding the shit out of led lights. so i realize i need sumthing better for flowering.i am in week 3 of not a rich fella so cheaper is better.


i forgot to add i am growing in roughly a 2ft 6 inch by 4 ft room i made in my its also 6 ft tall.

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If you are limited by budget then you will have more success growing 1 plant at a time. Lighting that will effectively flower 3 plants will set you back more than $500. You might be better off with an HPS/CMH combo, which is less expensive to buy, but you have to be prepared for more expensive electric bills since they are far less efficient.


There’s just no cheaping out on lights. They’re just expensive, and the most important piece of equipment you have to buy. Look for something refurbished on hlg site, and use code DUDE. I use the 350r, and it’s plenty for a 2x4 tent.


Cheapest light would be a HP’s or mh but they aren’t cheap to run for led I’d advise something with Samsung lm301b diodes to ensure maximum potential


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Welcome to the community you could just add another light an SF2000 coupled with the 1000 should cover that area nicely

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If you wait a few days for 420 sales to kick in, nearly any brand will have what you need.

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thanks for that answers. i only really care about the two WW autos. other is just to see if its gonna be female or a hermi.i read some where alot of seeds from dispensary are gonna herm on yea. might just toss it … stick too the two autoWW .
i am gonna try to buy the sf 2000 spiderfarm. that should grow 2 well enough ?my plan is to have 2 growing all the time. also woke up this morning… to lazy to get a timer so i am the an i see these dam fungus nats. how too get rid of em fast. i put up fly tape and i made a little apple cider vinegar an soap trap.i am also gonna back off on watering .ive been watering every 5 days.or when the soils dry.last week i just started uping the next grow i wont use these dam round pots im gonna try square cloth ones … ima have alot of questions for u fine thanks again . an also thanks for the warm welcome!

i have a 20 amp breaker on my plug that i use … an i am worried about over loading it. my house has old wiring was upgraded in 76. so its as old as me.hahahahai can use up too 8 or so amps before its gonna get over loaded.any tips here would be much appreciated.also i love to build things an seen many people say build ur own light. now that s interesting.

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is this lite worthy or should i stick too the spiderfarm 2000 pro?

im thinking i might just yank that maconga plant and stick too two …my plan is to have 2 flowering and two veg …

Seems like a pretty good light for 1 plant. The Spider Farmer seems to be pretty much the same light. They both claim to be 200 watts and built with Samsung LM301b diodes. That said, I’m perplexed why the Grass Land is far less expensive. I’m not sure I trust it. Quality 200 watt lights using LM301b diodes tend to run between 200 - 300 dollars.

It’s wise to not trust Amazon reviews for these lights. Unscrupulous LED sellers frequently misrepresent their light capabilities, so it is best to stick with known names such as Mars, Spider Farmer, or HLG.


yanked that maconga . just the two WWs now.

nothing like waking up to them nasty fungas nats . i guess maybe to much watering. how do you guys get rid of these little pests. i did the hydrogen peroxide and cinnamon. an i will hold off on watering a bit more. would love to hear how some of u take care of these buggers. i am kinda scared of none organic remedies.

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I lay sticky pads on my soil. You can also get a product called Gnatrol


they are starting to grow good.

so i was reading on my spiderfarm 1000d light i have and says wont take two plants thru flowering … these girls i think are doing pretty good 25.5 inches tall at 32 days from seed.

would this light take me thru flowering two plants. i cant afford to spend 500 on some grow light right now.

this is one i am going to add to my grow. i think unless u guys tell me not worthy. happy 420 …