Going from hps to led. Maybe

Hello all. I’ve been growing with my hps for decades and am leaning to led. I have a couple clones to go into the house. Are these just a plug and play like my hps. Do you set timer to 18hrs and then 12hrs? Is it that easy? Though I’d share my friend. She is mrs. White and she is a widow it is a 10’x10’ Gazebo that she filled. She survived a nasty wind storm and lost a couple limbs(not branches)

Have an easy day


Welcome to the community. I have HLG led’s they have some plug and plays Most on here get the kit and put them together them selves Mine was a kit (i’m electrical challenged) but was easy to do. the Kits are about 50.00 cheaper.

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Yup 90% of the better lights out there are just that easy

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I am thinking of the spider farmer sf1000 (Super cheap and worth the risk)to start my clones. Generally I grow 1 plant with my 1000 watt hps and find the heat in the room is hard to control. So if I wanted the same light intensity would I need a 4000 model?

You cant really compare hps to new Led tech. They both work fantastic but the benefits of Led are massive! A mid range HLG will do a pretty fine job growing huge dank buds, you only need to cruise around this forum a while to see the evidence. Of course you can spend the bucks and get the biggest baddest HLG 650r and have a super badd assed light but then you wouldnt have any excuse for crappy dope!


Fast and friendly advice. Thanks.

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sf 1000 isn’t going to do what your 1000 watt hps will do. You will have to spend some coin to get a decent led fixture that will.