I need help buying a light

I have been looking almost all day. Can someone please recommend an LED light for less than $150 (that’s all I can spend) for a 4 by 2 grow tent. COB?

I don’t think I know of a light that would adequately cover that space for that cheap. @dbrn32 is the resident light guru but you’re most likely going to hear the same from him. I think realistically you will be trying to (weakly) light half that space for that budget.


I agree. You can certainly find lights to do it, but probably looking more in the $300-400 range with decent leds.

The best thing you’re gonna do with $150 is probably get 2 small blurple panels. Not going to put you at top notch lighting, but it should grow weed ok. Even a modest DIY led would start around $250.

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For around $250 you could get an HID light with an air cooled reflector. If you’re really stuck in the $150 price range, you could get an HID light with a reflective wing - plenty of light for your plants, but I personally would recommend getting the air cooled reflector as it makes a big difference in canopy temperatures.

150.00 in a 2’x3’x5’5” not sure how well this grow will turn out as its my first grow

Veg and Flor switches

Meizhi lights are very affordable but you really want to buy a great quality brand that will be the difference maker in your yield. The better your lights the greater your harvest.

@Ben I don’t think you will find a led for that price that’ll fatten up your buds when the time comes. I’ve always used MH/HPS. You could get a 1000watt mh/hps for $180 with a cool tube reflector hood on Amazon. They come with both bulbs too. You can dim it to 600 watts if you wanna. You could buy the 600 watt one to start with for $150 but the 1000w is the best way to go in my opinion for the money. Don’t let others sell you on new technologies. I’m not seeing the value. The data that I’ve read always compares the new LEDs to the HIDs like the hps. The way I take that is they are saying that it’s almost as good but it just cost 3 times as much to light a 5x4 area. They talk about it being more efficient but who cares if it cost $3 more a month on a light bill. Until the price is comparable it like comparing apples and oranges. That’s my humble opinion.

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1000watts X 12hours X 30days = 360 kw/hours
At about 10cents a kwh it’s 36$/month.
I’m planning to use a hlg 320W so 12$/month. At 600$CAD initial purchase versus 200$CAD for the older technology. I need to use my light for 21 months to see any saving.

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I don’t know but a lot can happen in 21 months. It certainly is something to think about. Especially when someone is on a tight budget. Just saying

I agree. A lot can happen in 21 months. Everyone start somewhere. If I had a tight budget I would probably go for used market. A lot of people will sell there used stuff for cheaper and it’s a good way to start.
This hobby ain’t cheap.
You can grow some airy buds with a cheap light. There is nothing wrong with that. You can still smoke the fruit of your labour and have fun gardening.


Check craigslist or offer up. Plenty of used lights available in my area.

I would get 600w hps mh lights i still run them today i use 2 600w hps mh lights in a 4x4x6 grow tent and getting great results i bought them used off Craigslist for 80 dollars a piece they are the vivosun cool hood reflector 600w light. I run 6000k or 6500k bulbs mh for veg and 2000k hps bulbs for flower and i get serious frosty plants and im at .7 grams a watt dry and cured and 3 grams a watt wet trimmed bud weight . If you can’t afford a good led or cob light then it’s just not worth it to buy cheap ones. Get the mh and hps lights to start and work your way up to hlg. Don’t forget with leds you will need more calcium and need heat in the winter pro’s and con’s and what not.Hope this helps you to make a decision.

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They use hid for comparison because that is the standard, and most people don’t have the knowledge to decipher photosynthetic photon flux/density even when its given.

Running a single 1000 watt hid light vs a typical higher end led light designed to run in same place is saving a little more than $3 per month. It’s like $22 per month at $.10/kwh on 18 hour schedule and $14 per month on 12 hour schedule. It’s also sometimes enough to keep the user out a hike in rates which could be double due to the high energy usage. Also, hps bulbs have a pretty significant drop in output even over the course of 1 flowering cycle. I changed my bulbs every other harvest, so using a decent bulb that’s easily couple hundred bucks per year. Hoods also loose their reflectivity over time and should be changed at least every couple of years.

For me, two years worth of bulb changes paid for my fixtures. The increase in yield/watt/area, reduction in energy usage, and overall joy of not having to mess with the lights at all were just added bonus.


@anon99767151 you make a excellent point and if every first time grower and those starting again, like myself, should keep in mind. If we do we will be better off and never disappointed. This is a Hobby and like you reminded me, it ain’t cheap! I’m gonna try to remind myself of that often so as to keep things in perspective. Like the person taking up pottery as a hobby. I’m sure I’m gonna have my share of failures that resemble the school art projects from childhood. Those failed art projects are now beloved ashtrays. My failed grows and especially grows ruined by messing up on drying and curing aren’t good memories. I certainly hope that I don’t have any more of those. Lmmfao
Happy growing to all


All the small things add up i this. Your light is the higgest investment bar none.

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Agreed, and you could buy 2 different lights or 3 different lights or you could listen to @dbrn32 the fist time and get it right.
It costs more in the end when you don’t listen to the experts.

For my tent 4x2x6.5 I got a QB as recommended by @dbrn32 and it made a world of difference… buy a good light it’s the best investment


@Nicky I just ordered same light as you. An hlg 320 xl v2 for 607$ can. Suppose to get here on Monday.


It’s probably one of the top lights for a 4x2x6.5 that’s why we have it and are recommending it to the OP.

I will add that you need to be careful because it’s so strong you will get fox tailing if you don’t keep your canopy even and watch your light to top cola distance

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I got a 2.5x4.5 it’s a odd size and that hlg light should do it. My mars hydro 480w will do just fine for veg. Should be all set for a four plants perpetual grow.

That height woild be so frustrating I don’t know how anyone grows in short tents unless vegging only in early phases

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