New to DWC grow system

Greetings growmies!! I lost the battle against spider mites so now she will finish out next week. I don’t even know if i want to take the time and energy to dry and jar, they will be tiny buds.


After growing in soil medium for last 4 years, i have decided to try my hand at DWC.

Below is the order I put in, scheduled to be here on 7/19.

Can I get some do’s and don’t’s from seasoned DWC growers?

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Sorry to to here about that @NavyVet420. I have similar luck and came to the same conclusion.
Here are a few of my DWC tips.

  1. Learn how to use a good TDS and pH meter.
  2. Find a way to drain every two weeks and renew your reservoir.
  3. Install a Second/redundant air pump and air stone.
  4. Use a product with Beneficial Microbes to keep your root system healthy.
  5. Cool your water below 68 degrees Fahrenheit before you replace/add to your reservoir.
  6. Install a small bug zapper and have some Capt Jacks ready, they still are going to find a way.
  7. Be ready for explosive growth.

Check this any guides you can find.

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if done right hydro will deliver what you are seeking…I agree with what @LateNightGardner mentions above, keeping your nutrient solution at the right level and circulating with lots of oxygen are key points to keep up front in your grow