I’m a new grower using DWC and need a lil help here

Hey! First time grower here.

I have regular seeds and I germinated my seeds in 3 inch rockwool. I waited til a good amount of roots were sprouted out of the rockwool and set it up for DWC

PPM- 715

And growing fast but those spots popped up the least 12 hours

What are those spots?

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PH and PPMS look great. Those spots could be lensing scars from possibly top feeding spillage before the transplant to hydro??

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Liquid level is too high: needs to be 1 1/2 to 2" below net pot. Air stone should produce a ‘rolling boil’. What is your water temp? It needs to be below 70F otherwise run the risk of root rot.

Bucket hydro can be done but cannabis is a thirsty plant: in mid-flower plants can drink a gallon or more a day. This means refilling your bucket daily which kinda takes away from the advantage of hydro. Adding a rez and a chiller will be on your list if you continue to grow hydro.

Hydroguard or similar would be wise to add, cal mag and silica are necessary.

What lights and wattage? What light schedule?


My thoughts on first glance exactly.


It look just fine a few days later. I think my PPM was a tad bit too high during the first week of veg and the plant recovered just fine. No adjustments were made! This is my growth after one week of DWC

Light is HLG 1000V2

Very nice

Still going! I dropped the 3rd plant (gave it away) because I’m focused on the 2 big plants nutrient levels

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