New Soil. Strange new Issues

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Been a big fan of the site for some time, but I’m a new member because I’ve got strange new issues going on in my indoor tents. I could use some troubleshooting by those who have had the same results. I’m trying out a different soil than I usually use and have a nute lockout(?) happening, I believe… (?) Or, what say you guys??

Soil: Pro Mix BX General Purpose with Mycorrhizae in 3 gal cans.
Nutrients: Earth Dust dry organic blend; initial mix-in and top dressing.
Tent: 4x4x80"
Light: Crecer PanthrX 640wt. LED on 18/6 photoperiod.
Water: 8.5 well water, pH’d down to 7.0
Soil pH holding at 6.7 on average between 12 pots.
Average tent temp. 79 degrees with average tent humidity at 47 percent.
Plants are 34 days since transplant.

They started to “turn” on larger leaves; mid-plant at around 18 days. Plants were top dressed with more Earth Dust as directed. Showing interveinal brown patches and brown spotting. Marginal tips also showing signs but not really on leaf tips. Eventually curling, yellowing. This was not an issue with previous soil trials, with everything else being the same. Issue is not really affecting the newer growth and shoots. It seems to appear on the older and maturing fan leaves. Thanks all!

Hope these pics of the issue uploaded correctly! If not, please LMK where I’m missing something. Thanks again!

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You are most likely correct. Pretty sure promix recommends ph of around 5.8-6.0 for most of their stuff. If you go to their YouTube channel they have a lot of short informational videos about their products. Will probably help you out quite a bit.


You should also be adding cal-mag at 3 mill up to 5 mill per gallon…
I just run 3 with every feeding… :+1::wink:


To many nutes…

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I had the same exact issue last year using pro mix all purpose with mycoactive(the bag doesn’t list any nutrient values). My leaves looked identical. I thought it was a deficiency. I tested the soil and found way to high of nutrients. I flushed soil and dropped PH to around 6. It took forever to clear the nutrients I had built up. This fixed the problem for me.

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I agree. Looks like she’s probably locked out because of PH problem and is in need of calmag.
Adjust PH and add calmag. Look for change in new growth.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

This is all great data. Thank you all. I’ll send a Tbsp of soil from 7 of 12 for nutrient testing, as all the pots have received the same treatment. I’ll flush all after sampling. I’m happy to know there has been some experience with others out there and pro mix. This did not happen with Fox Farms or Royal Gold mixes in the past. What’s funny to me is that at a glance, the pro mix seems so void, neutral and light weight; heavy on peat. That’s why the pH was my first concern for lock up. Fox Farms and the like are way more dense and seem “pre-loaded” with rich organic material, ie: nutrients built in.

/Jeffrey R. Reid/

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Too much Cal Mag is the problem.