New set up Need some direction

OK I’m re-up in my indoor grow going completely hydroponic with Floraflex pots and feeders. I’ve been using Floraflex fulltilt nutrients they work great.
I’m just not sure about the watering just wondering if I should water twice a day I guess maybe set it for like one minute and see how much water it puts out using 8 inch pots Floraflex and Coco core any advice

Really need more information regarding the setup you are running. Floraflex has a bunch of different products and is impossible to know exactly what you are running.


I have an inside tent. Floraflex 650 W Full system exhaust hand intake fan. 8 inch pots drip system Floraflex. Coco core. Floraflex V1 V2 B1 B2 full tilt bulky b. Start with pH water.

If this is a top-feed drip system you can’t overwater. Coco needs to remain damp to wet as it becomes hydrophobic if it dries out.

I would let that be your judge.

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