Floraflex questions

Would floraflex be good for drain to waste set up with 8 3 gallon fabric pots filled with coco/perlite using advanced nutrients growing autoflowers? Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I don’t know how much it costs, but Jacks nutrients would be more affordable willing to bet.

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I will check it out thank you. I’m new to hydro and dont know the first thing about it.

read…read more…learn…then proceed carefully, easy on the nutes till you get a feel for the % and plant response.
PH n PPM Meters are essential


@semo63936 I use flora flex nutrients and love them. It works out to between.07 and .11 cents per feed for me. In veg they were going for 2 weeks on a single feed too. Happy to answer any questions on those nutrients that I can.


Hey I’ve Spent the last few days looking into Feeding charts and proper pH, EC, ppm/ TDS for different stages but something I can’t find is the average gallon per square foot that you would need to feed. If I’m doing a SoG grow and have 1.5 plants per sq/ft how much water should i expect to run to that sq/ft? And what’s a feeding cycle look like per day. would it be for 1 minute every hour? or 5 minutes ever four hours until the lights shut off? I’m not getting any results when seacrhing and would love some help if you could offer. Thank you

@smblue I am not sure I understand your question. How much water will depend on the size of your system and what it can hold. Feeding will depend on that as well, and the stage of growth they are in.
Let’s start with how large is your system? How many gallons will it hold max? You will want the water at least a few inches below the net cups, so keep that in mind as well.
I am only feeding once every week or once every 2 weeks.

We haven’t selected a reservoir yet but we would be filling 500 sqft, I’m not sure if that would be split into 2 or 3 tables but that would be the total footage. Also we would be using Rockwool as the medium in 8’x8’x8’ cubes.

Sounds like maybe a flood and drain or an ebb and flow system?

It’s actually a top feed drip, I’ve done a bit of research and grodan101 was a very useful resource but they only really talk about a flowering ml quantity and not a clone or veg. But I’ve recently gotten curious on the benefits of a RDWC or DWC system

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I built this RDWC system and am trying it for the first time now. My last system was a single tote, so dwc. It was challenging, but had great results for sure.


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Looks nice! Are you using any ppm meters and do you use any sort of cleanser to clean out the tubs after harvest? Like zerotol?

Ppm meter you can go cheap on, they all read pretty close and you only need a close estimate on that. PH you want to spend a little more on. Apera meters are great, blue lab is the best, but blue lab pens are hundreds of dollars too. I clean them with hydrogen peroxide.

Do you worry about EC?

Most pens will read both ppm and ec.

Is it hard to grow
In coco with flora flex? I recently bought Mother Earth coco and floraflex and and trying to figure out how to do it. I’ve seen that you need to have a constant water flow going for best results. I’ve looked into autopots, but your set up looks great was that hard to do? Thank you for your help.