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Started my first LED grow a few weeks back. I have 8 Zkittlez autoflower growing. Im retired and live in my travel trailer and have the grow in my bathroom closet. So far so good. Im very experienced at growing all kinds of stuff, before i retired a owned and managed an organic produce farm.

I look forward to spending some time here.


Oh, and I’ve been growing cannabis since 1979. I’ve grown outdoors, flourscent, metal halide, and now LED.


Welcome! Im new here myself and new to growing all together. Your plants are beautiful, btw! :heart_eyes:


welcome @bigdog1 sounds like you may be able to add some experince here, 3rd outdoor for me, and 2nd grow indoors going now since Jan 1st.

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Welcome aboard. Keep us posted on your progress…


Did a little under growth defoliation (sp), this morning. Mainly the lowest fan leaf. Trimmed 12 leaves. I’ve got one gangly plant that is already blooming. I’ve bent it over and trimmed it up to keep it the same height

as the others.

I’m just a plain dirt farmer, and that is reflected in my growing style. I always use some native soil in my potting mix. Usually, about half native soil and half mircle grow potting soil. I believe by using the native soil biome, the native soil will have all the native virus and fungus, as well as natural predators of those viruses in the native soil. Ive never had fungus or virus problems, in my cannabis, or any of my organic produce.

Even tho I grow my produce organic, because I am eating that crop, I use miracle grow fertilizer in my cannabis.

I also have an MBA in Operations Management, and one of the tools in effective management is the KISS principle; Keep It Simple Stupid. Thats my growing style, KISS.


Good morning girls. You look snappy today.


The now seven girls are starting to bloom and stretch. I say seven as I had one gangly plant that had started blooming put off a male flower. So, down to seven. I don’t have aot of height in my small bathroom closet. Im considering moving them to my bathtub. I can easily hang the LED, and there is a skylight over the tub which will add quiet a bit more light.


I have been watering the girls two cups of water a day for each plant. On Fridays, I have been adding a teaspoon of fertilizer to the water. I’ll probably start adding another day of fertilizer next week. It’s been chilly here in the mornings, upper 40’s, so I’ve been heating the bathroom with an oil filled electric heater, got it for $20, on sale. Works great.


These are the containers I am using. Drilled holes in the botton to drain. The lids make perfect coasters. I have 2" of gravel in the bottom for drainage. So far, I haven’t had any run-off.
Which has surprised me that the plants are doing so well with only two cups of water. But, it is very cool here in NE Montana, highs in the upper 60’s.

This is my second grow here, last year I was living off grid and had to grow outside. Just to far north to grow completely outside. I just had some seeds I had been stashing, most were males. But, I finished one nice purple girl.

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Welcome :metal:t2::green_heart:
Looking good :muscle:t2:

Moved the girls to my shower yesterday. My half closet wasn’t going to be tall enough. They are just starting to bloom.


It finally warmed up enough to take the girls sunbathing. Well…actually I need to go to town and I need a shower before I go, so I need to take the light and the plants down.

These were started the first of May, so about six weeks old. Just starting to put a few flowers out.

The girls all tucked back in post shower. This is my first indoor grow living in my Travel trailer. A few work arounds.

Im at a decision point, I have too many plants for my light and space. Not a bad problem to have, right.

I could buy another light and move some plants back to the closet. Or, move and rotate the plants outside. Im getting them “hardened,” for going outside now. I usually use much larger pots, 3 to 5 gallon, but moving those around is hard work. So, I opted for the one gallon pots this year. If I move to an outside/inside grow, the one gallon will be handy for moving.

The are just starting to bloom. Ive trimmed all but the top fan leaves.

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Well…I’m giving up on growing outside this far north with out a hothouse. A storm blew thru last evening and I had to bring in the four girls I had considered leaving outside. Forty five plus MPH gusts today. Temps down in the 30’s this week.

So, I know I have way to many plants per sq ft, but this is my first grow with LEDs and what can I say, live and learn.

This grow is a project to provide all my cannabis. Im retired on fixed income and inflation is kicking me in the @ss.

For the last five years, I have primary lived off grid in my travel trailer. This is the first time in five years I’m parked in one place with electric service. Thus the LED. So my goal is to have a process of growing all my cannabis during the six months I’m staying here. I figure two crops. I ordered another 150w LED today. When I get the second light, I’ll install it in the closet and start the next crop while the first crop finishes up in the shower enclosure.

I did a little trimming on the first crop this morning. I trimmed the last pair of fan leaves, and the bottom two branches off all the girls. So far so good. It’s a learning experience for sure.