New growth on buds

My buds keep sprouting new growth at the top when they should be finished is this because lights too close or too strong and plant stressed ,grow more or stop growing

Did you make sure that the 12 hour dark period isn’t being interrupted by light leaks or
timer malfunction? Do you have anything with indicator lights on inside the tent that breaks
up the dark period?

Also, are you sure the buds aren’t just stacking?

I had one do the same and it turned into a hermy because of light leak i will double check for leaks and stacking not sure would be better. I would of taken photo but lights out at the moment will post one up when back on thanks for your help phillyrock much appreciated

Pictures or it never happened lol.


Some strains naturally foxtail when they are close to harvest

Light leaks for sure found a few plus I can tell now that the pistols aren’t as thick at the top so,light leaks causing plant to stress and begin revegeing i think so thanks guys for your help sorry no pictures maybe next time lol but just between you and me the girls are cracker :slightly_smiling_face::v::call_me_hand::ok_hand::crossed_fingers::wave:

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Need pictures indeed! Sounds like it’s fox-tailing but without photos the world may never know lol!

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