Well guys im 9 weeks into flower 7 weeks since preflower

2 big bud and a super skunk. The big buds on the one plant are so big they are all leaning i havent grown buds this fat it is crazy . Got foxtailing on the super skunk and im not to sure why. The temps were gettinb a little high there for a bit but i habe them under control. I backed the lights off too but it is what it is ill just cut them off.


Very nice!

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@Borderryan22 hey any idea why the super skunk is foxtailing. One.of.the big buds have some very minor foxtaiing iw was noticing so i moved the lights up and got an ac going to cool down but if you look close at the super skunk the foxtails are pretty bad just on the top really thats it. But it dpes seem to be happening on the lower buds also which makes me wonder if it could be genetic?? They have actuallu gotten a lottle worse over the last week or two.

@Borderryan22 its the one in the menards bucket. You will see it if u zoom in. They arent bleached at all plus my lights are like midgrade so they arwnt to powerful

That’s a good problem to have. :ok_hand:

I would check the trichs. She may be done. Look it over really close for nanners.
This was one of mine that did that.

If it is signaling readiness then they may be next to appear.


Sorry just getting to this. Maybe back off your light just a tad. You can snip them and decarb them for concentrate or toss them.

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All my trichs are just cloudy with clear still not.done yet

@Borderryan22 Should I snip them now while my plan is still growing. Or should I wait until I harvest

@HMGRWN Awesome dude thank you very much for that info… Maybe if I see those soon Maybe it will be done I heard that them super skunks actually finished fast normal I know my trikes are mostly cloudy 3 it looks like it’s kind of hard to tell But I’m going for more Amber. But is it possible that maybe The plant won’t let me allow me to do that Cause I’m still fairly new so

Plenty of stories in here about trichs that are slow to get amber.