New Grower Yellow leaves

I used 3 nutrients in my single plant GDP autogrow, GAIA power Bloom, All Purpose and worm castings that I put into the soil before planting. I have only added distilled water at 6.5 pH. I have done LST, have the TS1000 at full power at 6 inches. I am 9 days into flower and have read and watched videos of other growers at this point of their grow. They started to use flower nutrients at this point.
My GDP has been doing fine until I introduced the Bloom three days ago. I now have yellow on the edges of the leaves, some new lower leaves are yellow and falling off.
Interesting that the yellowing is on the leaves on the back side of the plant. The front of the plant, easy to get to when opening the tent, still looks pretty good. So, lower rear leaves are effected.
Any info offered will be appreciated. I tried to download a few pictures but I can’t see where to do that. I am in my 70’s and computers are not my thing. Help


Use the box circled on the left to upload pics. Wait till it’s says loaded 100% before trying to post


Welcome! Yellow leaves happen, especially, on the bottom as the plant grow. Usually not a big deal as long as the top leaves stay healthy looking. Pictures would really help. To do that-Go to the top of the message body where you are typing and you will see a small box that looks like a mountain and a small dot. 7th Icon over from the left. Hit that icon- that will open you up to upload photos from your phone. Hope that helps! Once there are pictures all the good folks here can help much better. Happy Growing!


Welcome to the community! I see some others have already assisted you. Yellow leaves can be pretty common, but pictures are really helpful. Thanks for the instructions @BigItch


Pics would help but what is the NPK ratio of the all purpose? Over feeding potassium or phosphorus can prevent uptake of other vital nutrients assuming the power bloom is a PK booster and your all purpose has PK in it. I reduce the base when I add a flower booster and only use this the 1st 3 weeks of flower :love_you_gesture:


@BigItch, thanks.

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The leaves with yellow and spots

The last picture is a small yellow leaf about to drop

The All Purpose is 4 4 4. The power Bloom is 2 8 4

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I’m may just be a Small Town Pizza lawyer but it looks like nitrogen deficiency to me

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Now that I can see the pics. It looks pretty normal yellowing or discoloration on some leaves during growth. Nutes could be an issue, but do some PH and tDS readings to clarify where you stand with the medium to clarify that important factor. Imo, I would cut those yellow leaves at the bottoms of the plant to give it better light and air circulation and see what happens in a few days. Happy growing.

You can remove the dying leaves. Have you fed or watered to run off and tested the PPMS of the run off? In veg a higher concentration of nitrogen is needed and in flower a higher PK concentration. I would like to know your run off numbers before recommending a nutrient plan moving forward. I would recommend Jacks 321, simple easy and always mixed the same way every time for your next grow :love_you_gesture:

I have not done a runoff. When I watered during veg stage I put most of the water in the pan under the plant and a little on top of the soil. I have not had any runoff whenever I have watered. (a lot of people say new growers use way too much water) As I understand, since I am using a 5 gal grow bag, I will have to run 15 gallons of distilled water through the soil. Fifteen gallons is a lot of water, 15 gallon jugs!! And they all have to be pH’ed to the correct number? Yikes. can I use a garden hose?
Thanks Everyone!

Not that kind of run off, what you’re talk about would be a flush. What I believe the people are asking you to do is this. Pic below

5 gallon pot watered with 1 gallon of water. Which would be a common water schedule every 3-4days. Your run off numbers are what comes out of the bottom after watering the top.


You [quote=“Me75, post:1, topic:84994”]
I have only added distilled water at 6.5 pH

Are you trying to ph your distilled water ? Any water source under 100ppm will be a false reading, you’d have to increase ppm over 100 before you can accurately ph the water. If your using plain distilled you can just water as is, no ph needed.

As for the Gaia green, I’m no expert but I’ll post what I’ve learned. With dry amendments your giving the plant what it needs in a week or two. What I mean is that it take time for the microbes in the soil to break down the nutrients making them available to your plant, so top dressing now will only be available in 1-2 weeks. With that being said you have to plan your top dressings in advanced, you don’t want to wait for the plant to show deficiencies before the topping. With Gaia green it’s about every 3-4 weeks, that’s when you’d add another top dress.

Could be that she’s getting hungry. Since you top dressed give it a week, if the leaves stop yellowing that was the problem. Remember it takes a week or two for that top dress to become available, she may have been starting to run out of nuts. Like mentioned above, it’s not uncommon for lower leaves to yellow and fall off.

Other tips I learned

Unsulphured Black Strap Molasses at 1tbsp/gallon of water, This will help feed the microbes in the soil.


Amending the soil, use a 70/30 mix of 444/284, worm castings at 20% of media. Some use 444 only, see what works for you.

Early flower top dress, mix 50/50 of 444/284, one cup worm castings. Because your plant is in the flower stretch the 50/50 mix will give her all the nitrogen she needs, along with the PK.

Mid flower top dress 284 with 1 cup worm castings

I put in a half gallon this morning of distilled 6.1 plain. No runoff. I purchased a EC PPM meter today. I’ll water again in a day or two or should I keep adding distilled water until I get some runoff today? I removed 4 all of the yellow leaves.

Thanks @Dave01 and @BigItch

You don’t want lots of runoff with organics, just water slowly till you see a little come out the bottom, this will ensure the pots 100% saturated. Lots of runoff will flush your nutrients away. With synthetic nutrients you need the runoff because it keeps the salts from building up in the soil and crashing your pH.


[quote=“Dave101, post:17, topic:84994”]
You don’t want lots of runoff with organics
:100: What you see in my drain is about a cup watering 1gallon on a 5gallon pot. Your’s could be a little more a little less. As soon as I see a drip I stop because it will drip for a few mins to fill your tray.

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@BigItch @Dave101 @Me75 correct me if I’m wrong Grow Bros, but this isn’t an organic grow per say with the synthetic fertilizers being used?? Feed or water to run off would be critical to prevent these un-used salts/minerals from building up in the root zone locking out nutrient uptake :love_you_gesture:

All Gaia green products are organic dry amendments, including the all purpose 444 and power bloom 284. This grow would be treated as an organic grow, no Synthetic nutrients.