New Grower - Temp Setup - Advice on What to do Post-Seedling

Hey Everyone!

I’m totally new at this and the only other plant I’ve owned was a small cactus. It died - lol - because I forgot to water it in college. Let’s hope I’m beyond that now. Here is my temporary setup for 2 seedlings and I’m hoping for advice on what the must haves are for optimal success. If I leave out something important, let me know and I’ll try to supplement the post.

Anyways, I’m using auto-flower OG kush seeds and my initial setup is the medium a-pot-for-pot kit. Right now, my soil has been setting for about a week and my seedlings are chilling on the soil in the pot.

The first seedling I germinated was using the jiffy pop in the kit and the seed was planted after a tail popped out after about 24-hours in dark spring water.

The second seed germinated took closer to 72-hours to sprout a tail. I put it in soil from my pot that I put into a small plastic cup.

Both seedlings sprouted within a few days. I had to poke around for the first one. I didn’t see the sprout and saw that it sunk too far in the jiffy pop. I got it free and it stretched out after getting some light.

Here are some photos for your reference. For scale, I just used a penny because they are very young. The first one was put in soil about 8-days ago. The second one was only planted about 3-days ago and just broke soil this morning.

2nd Seedling

1st Seedling

My first concern was just if I initially planted correctly and am unsure about seedling care. I read you could use indoor lights 24-hours/day with auto-flower and that’s what I’ve done so far. However, I have a timer I can use to put my lights on and a similar timer on a grow lamp.

I’ve had one led light strip turned on and suspended about 20” above the seedlings (red/purple/pinkish light). The light is a 10W 2-foot grow light. I am only using one now, but there are 6 of these lights in total (60W).

I’ve also used a grow lamp pointed at each seedling, about 6-8” above the plant. The lamp has 2 heads, 50W, and has multiple colors: 12 red LEDs (620-660 nm), 12 blue LEDs (460-470 nm), and 20 sunlight white LEDs: Full spectrum (380-800 nm). The lamp also advertises that it has “mixed, sunlight, and purple light.” The lights are dimmable.

After reading some posts, I’m already worried about overwatering and sufficient ventilation. Currently, my plant pot is in a closet with no real ventilation. However, the closet offers a more consistent temperature (around 66-68 degrees, give or take for lights). Here are photos I happened to take after spraying each seedling a few squirts of water. I generally do one spray of spring water on the plant and a few sprays around it.

Here is an example of how I’ve been watering. I do these sprays about once every 24-hours because I’ve left the lights on for 24-hours/day since they each sprouted. After a spray to this seedlings leaves, I spray around the side of the jiffy pop about 7-8 times to go around the edge with one spray each.

I had lightly watered the soil before this one sprouted. That happened 2x over 2-days. I was going to water it the same way: 1-spray to the plant, a few others around the edge of the cup to encourage roots to spread. I tried to get the “tiny” leaves and stems in the photo to see if anyone spots anything worth noting.

So, that’s what I’ve done. Now, I would like to know what I need to do. I haven’t gotten a tent yet and didn’t want to if I didn’t have to get one. The closet also has no ventilation now and I thought it was okay for seedlings, but I don’t know how long. I have some next step growing questions and then some what to do now questions. All helpful suggestions are appreciated.

Some questions about what’s next: I think I’ll need more space for 2 plants that will be indoors all winter. 1) Does it seem like the six 2-foot LED strip lights is enough light at only 60W. If not, how many more lights should I get. Do those look like acceptable beginner lights? 2) Should I get a second 50W grow lamp with 2 heads and special settings or would the other strip lights be enough? 3) How often should the auto-flowers be under lights? 9, 12, 21-hours/day? Those are timer setting options. 4) Should I get a fan now for the seedlings? If not, are fans okay alone or do you need forced air too? 5). I do not have my plant in a tent. Should indoor plants be in tents? If not all the time, what should make you consider using a tent? 6) How should I estimate the space my plants will need? I do not think both can stay in the closet.

I have attic space with unfinished eaves that is cooler in the winter and hot in the summer. I have more space for 2 plants there, but only about 3-4 feet vertically. I think that is okay for several strains. If I use that space, would a tent protect the plant from cooler weather. If a tent wasn’t needed for the attic, I don’t think it would need special ventilation because that area has great air flow. However, it could not get natural light up there at all. So, my lights would need to be enough.

A few specific questions for now: 1) Should I reduce how much or how often I water the seedlings? 2) Should I reduce the amount of light? If so, what is best for an auto-flower OG Kush? 3) When is a seedling ready to transfer to my breathable pot? 4) Can I use a regular pot for the second seedling? If so, what size pot and should I use the same soil?

Thanks for your time if you made it through. I’m just real excited about this as a new hobby and don’t want to blow if. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

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Hey there ur seedlings look good theres just one thing the one in the jiffy just be aware that the cotton type material may end up stopping the roots from coming through they have been known to strangle plants ,you want ur humidity around 60-80% and ur temp around 25-27 degrees Celcius dont over water ur plants also dont micro manage your grow cause you will make mistakes all of us here have been there and done that ,most of all have fun growing and just relax take a deep breath and grow ,are you going to grow with organics or bottled nutrients and u will need a good ph test pen and a ppm meter .For autos you want ur light cycle on 20 on and 4 off and later on towards flower you can drop it to 18on and 6 off


I dont like the jiffy, I noticed the root got tangled and took all that wrapping off


Yes before you transplant into their big pots cut that fabric. I ĎK about that when we grew outdoors, when I harvested inside by the bottom was that fabric mesh all caught up in the roots.


I hate those pods too. They held too much water imo. U could cut them out the equation and germ right into a solo cup with soil.

Needed list of equipment:

I dont use a tent. All closet grows for me so blah there.

Lighting… this is a dead horse’s corpse the way its beaten… but lighting is the single most important (well that and genetics…) investment when growing. Get you something decent. HLG is the flagship goto, but there are other companies. Decide the space u want to flower and we’ll talk options.

Ph pen! My favorite… pH is the root of all evil. Especially for newer growers. Dont skimp here. The Apera 20 is $50 and pays for itself ib ur first harvest. Get one!

Ppm/tds/ec meters are less fickle. U can get the $10 maypop… but still get one of these too.

I dont recall a nutrient choice… (sorry if I missd it). Jacks 321 is the goto here (if u dont mind non organic). Its cost effective and SIMPLE. Im a fish poop guy so Alaska Fish Emulsions and BuildASoil fish hydrox is my choice. Think u mentioned aPotforPot… they have a nutrient lineup as well. Im not super versed at it. But u want a plan here.

Temp/humidity meters are extra but muy beneficial.

And have fun! Growing to me is therapeutic. I get off work, check on kids, help with homework, then retire to my grow area to relax. Its supposed to be enjoyable so relax, learn and grow while u grow some wicked reefers


Thanks man.

I like the advice about not micromanaging and enjoying the process. I did set light timers now for 4-hours downtime per day.

Next, I’m supposed to put the bigger seedling in the pot soon per the kit instructions. I’ve read other comments about that jiffy material stifling root growth. So, I think I’ll remove that during transplant. However, I thought it might get taller first.

Sounds like folks do and don’t use tents. I may not use one if a closet is okay to grow in. I do want to get some fans in there though because is has no air flow.

Actually, it sounds like I need a couple more tools (ex.PH pen, nutrient plan, etc.), among other things I’m sure. I’m going to look into people’s suggestions on new items to use, feeding/nutrients, and see if I can figure out what to do one I get this thing in its big boy pants, err…pot, I mean.

I also think it sounds like I’ll need to use a separate pot for my other seedling to be transferred to. I’ll look to the same size pot, but maybe not incur the cost of another pot for a pot (although I do really like their kit!). I’ll keep reading on these posts and posting myself. Thanks everyone for the feedback and info.


Hey @Str8UpGreenRookie what i normally do is put my seedlings into a solo cup for a few weeks then transplant into there final homes


Hi there! Good luck with your grow. I’m finishing up my first grow - having the “is she ready” struggle.

I just wanted to drop a thought about the pH pen. I bought one. Guess what I use? A pool testing kit. Yup - it’s actually easier for me, and very accurate. So if you’re not up to spending a bundle all at once, honestly this will do. I got a limited range one, since we’re looking at a narrow band of pH you want your water/soil at.

Mind how much water you are using - that’s the biggest mistake and it’s so easy to make. I used a Pot for Pot but did not use the Jiffy pellet - I used some of the P4P soil/coco mix to make a solo cup. Jiffys hold a LOT of water so I wouldn’t water every day - just watch closely. “Damp” or “moist” not wet is the name of the game.


Welcome to the community and great advices above…

Happy growing


Agree with all above, 1 better light for sure 2 everyone has there own preference when it comes to nutes, most popular I feel like are Jacks 123, I’d think General hydroponics has one and fox farm. In less your want to go organic. Do your homework pick one and stick to it.3 you will need to address the ventilation issue, you will want to be able to bring in fresh air and get old out, just keep a good air flow moving. And get a thermometer with the humidity gauge, so you can maintain correct temps


I like that idea. Especially since I need to get the jiffy pop material off that seedling before it binds up the roots. Any suggestions for how long to keep in the cup before going in the big pot? Can I base that decision on height?

Neither are very tall yet, can you stunt their growth with water or light? For the lights, does it matter how close the lamps are? Does is only matter because of temperature increases off the lights?

Nothing is too close on mine now. A small dual head lamp about 8” above each seedling. I’m just using the white UV light on little lamp, mixed w/ regular lamp on a timer - 20 hr on, 4 hr off, repeat…

As for water, both respond better to less water. So, as predicted, I was over-watering. For the jiffy pop, I just mist the seedling and spray the edge of the jiffy pop. For the one in the cup, it’s growing, but the soil holds water well too. So, I barely water it now and do so around the edge of the cup. It helped.

I guess my next move is a Solo cup trial.


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I actually have some pool ph test strips left over from the summer. I’ll try your suggestion, but where to you put the strip to get your sample? For the pool, mine had to be completely submerged in water for just a moment. Are you talking about testing the water, runoff, or will it just pull and read off the soil itself. Regardless, I definitely want to try that now!

I use the kind where you put 5 ml of water in a tube, and put drops in. I checked it against my good meter buncha times and it was always right there. You can make a soil slurry and draw off 5 ml of water if you need to soil test. I just pH what goes in, I barely used any nutes throughout the grow, mostly Recharge and a bit of bud booster. One time I added some at 1/2 strength, she was not happy at all.

Last time I adjusted a gallon of water for her (2 drinks) I checked it once I put in the pH down, and I got a 6.2 - usually get 6.5 - but I though there was a chance I added one extra drop of the pH down. I knew right away by the color of the solution. I did give it to her anyway. :wink:

I normally leave the seedlings in the solo cups until there leaves are about two inches to three inches over the the side of the cups


Hi all,

Is this an active thread? I am a complete newbie, never grew a plant in my life so I’m terribly nervous. I have 2 white widow autos. We’re almost at week 3 in the soil and I just want to make sure they’re okay. I see some tiny white spots on the stem and I’m not sure if I should act now or wait. I have a grow tent, I haven’t been using the fan/ventilation set yet. I keep the temp at about 72 degrees Fahrenheit lights on, about 68 dark, humidity stays around 72% lights on and 68% dark. I just broke up the top soil because I saw some algae growing so I cleared it off the top and broke up the soil. I’m going to skip watering this morning to allow them to dry out a little. Any advice?


Dry is good I go by weight still young, they should need just a drink when light.


Those tiny white spots are potentially new roots. Pile up some soil on the stem and they will grow out


They have grown so much since I posted them! We’re at week 7 and I believe I have nutrient burn. I’ve been trying to correct it for almost 2 weeks but I’m not sure how well I’m doing at that. Any advice?


Gorgeous plants!!! The yellowing and losing of fan leaves is a totally normal and natural part of her aging process. Now that she’s flowering, she is focusing energy and nutrients to building buds and letting go of older leaves that are now, by this point, usually shaded by taller parts of the plant and no longer properly photosynthesizing and not benefiting her growth. Cannabis is a smart plant!
Removing some leaves to expose buds that are shaded is a common practice for professional growers.

Maybe time for a bit of defoliation (removal of fan leaves) so that all her developing buds get as much light as possible and her canopy gets good airflow. A good rule of thumb is to remove any fan leaves that are shading bud sites or any fan leaves that are shaded themselves.

You may also want to have saucer under your fabric pots. We find that saucers help maintain an even level of moisture throughout the soil. Happy soil = happy roots = happy plants


Thank you so much for the advice! They are my very first two plants EVER so I’ve been very nervous but trying to trust the process. I’m going to watch some YouTube videos on defoliating, I’ve heard of it but I don’t know too much about it. Do you have any suggestions of where I can get some saucers from?