New grower, not sure whats wrong

I ordered seeds from ILGM!! Very excited and still awaiting them in the mail after almost four weeks. But i’m impatient so I found 4 clones to take care of. They’re in solo cups right now in 100% perlite (what i received them in)…
4x4 tent
600w Super Hps about 2-3’ above plants.
6" inline fan w/ carbon filter
using 9" swivel fan to cool down the air between the lamp and the plants

sidenote: i plan on transplanting to soil in 5 gallon smart pot aeration bags but not confident on when to do this (can’t see any roots through holes in the bottom of the cups)

I’m having a hard time keeping the temp steady, but its been in the range of 77-91 degrees (88 right now). Humidity is stuck at around 33% indoor humidity, which i know is too low. before buying a humidifier I’m trying hanging a wet cloth above the lamp and a water tray in front of the swivel fan to add moisture to the air.

when i received the clones they had a little yellow on a few leaves, nothing looking too bad but I’m a new grower and want to figure out what kind of deficiency my girls are suffering. All i have done since receiving them is water with a spray bottle containing 6.4 PH balanced water with Robert’s grow booster mixed in. The clones with even no yellow spots the leaves are drooping a little bit. Can’t tell if I’m over watering, which seems unlikely as the water goes right through the perlite and i’ve been watering with a spray bottle. The first 3 pictures are of the plants with very little yellow on the edges of a couple leaves, more concerned about the leaves drooping. the last two pictures are of the one clone that has more yellow on the leaves.


One more pic of the last clone thats having a bit of trouble.

Sorry to stack on questions but… I have Robert B’s bull MJ Booster line up, all 3 supplements. I also have a rooting hormone i would like to use to strengthen the roots until i transplant to soil. Can i mix the rooting hormone in with the ph balanced grow booster solution? Or should I make 2 different solutions, and if so how does the watering schedule work?

Usually rooting hormone is applied to the cut in order to promote root development. If you have a concentrate product that is for adding to the res, then Yes you can add some to your solution. Do not mix the 2 in concentrate form.

Thanks for the reply…it may not be hormone…it came with a germination tray I bought and is labeled rapid start rooting enhancer. Doesn’t look like it contains anything special that Roberts grow Booster has already. Also can you please scroll to the top and see if you can look at whats going on with my girls? I listed the setup I have and the current conditions.

dont know if this would contribute to them being so droopy…but the 4 plants are in perlite, which i read has a neutral ph. the water i have been giving them was balanced at about 6.5. should i be using lower ph?

600 watt HPS at only 2-3 ft above these small plants that have yet to develop a significant root system and only a 33% humidity with temps at around 88-91 with lights on – are all likely significant contributors to your problem. You would do much better with less intense light, and lower temps, especially if you can’t get the humidity up, for such undeveloped cuttings.

What MacG said!

If you got that with a cloning package or whatever you called it; That is not for adding to a reservoir. It is for applying to the fresh cut piece of plant that plan to root in order to clone your MOM plant.

As far as deficiency can you see anything? And the drooping of the leaves in the first couple pics? The 3 clones that aren’t having yellowing problems are drooping. And the last pics, the 1 clone that has the most yellowing is not really drooping at all. The plan is to transplant them to soil in about a week when they have stronger roots, but I havent been able to find too much on how to tell of im watering too much/not enough in perlite

It isn’t likely a deficiency. The problem is very likely from being too hot and too dry of humidity for a plant that does not have a very good root system yet.

The other thing is the way you are trying to water them. You haven’t clearly stated how you are making sure they get enough water. I think Latewood stated something that he thought maybe you might have them in a flood and drain table? Again, without a lot of access to water regularly, perlite alone won’t be able to keep plants very happy, especially with a underdeveloped root system. You did say the cups have holes in the bottom? So, the perlite won’t retain much water for very long, especially with a humidity so low and a temperature range so high. The drooping could be just because they don’t have enough water in them. The yellowing of some leaves could be entirely normal for rooting cuttings, they do that, take nutrients from large fan leaves until the root system is developed enough to get the nutrients through their roots.

I have been balancing the grow booster mixture to 5.8 ph and watering with a spray bottle a couple times per day previously. Yesterday also I moved the lights up and dimmed the ballast to 75%, so I guess about 440watts with the super hps but reading online I decided to change to the MH bulb this morning to promote vegetative growth. However the lights are still at the same height and at 440watts. also yesterday we put a wet shirt over the swivel fan which has got the humidity up to 50%, and raising the lights yesterday significantly cooled down the tent to 77 degrees. Today after reading what MacGyver had to say I took the top off the spray bottle and poured the grow booster mixture down in the perlite and on the fake soil cube that the cuttings rooted in (sponge substance not sure what the correct term is) and watered that way. Water came out the bottom of the cups and is sitting in the dish that the cups are sitting in. Should I remove this runoff or let it sit and evaporate to contribute to humidity? Or measure the Ph or do anything with it?

Above is an update on the last 24 hrs, numerous changes made, and below is an image of what things are looking like as of just a few minutes ago. Besides the changes made in my previous post I did snip a couple of yellowing leaves to send more nutrients to the healthy parts of the little girls.

Another update. This morning I think they may have a little bit of nutrient burn. im going to invest in a humidifier today and thinking of putting them in soil since I clearly am not succeeding with them in perlite

Definately need to get them out of the perlite. That is more of a dwc/hydroponics medium or soil additive for drainage. With perlite, there is almost no water retaining value & no wicking effect that will take place with the runoff on the plates under the cups. This setup you have now with the perlite will have almost the same effect as not even watering them. Get them to soil since you plan to do them in soil anyways. You will have so much more control over your watering and nutrients. Also, the setup they are in now with the holes in the bottom of the cups with a saucer to catch the runoff is actually pretty good as long as it were all soil & no perlite. Soil will actually wick up that runoff on the saucer as it needs it unlike perlite or hydroton etc… Happy growing -HR

As far as soil, what is a good guideline to follow or brand to trust? What’s the best soil? I’m using robs grow booster so it already has blood meal, bat guano, etc. all that good stuff

I see the problem. I amy be wrong, but;

I am a commercial hydro grower. I use perlite. There is nothing wrong with using perlite, but you have tall cups. Perlite allows a high % of drainage. You have clones in a 16 oz cup, and all the solution and moisture quickly drains away.

All your liquid is draining from the bottom of your cups. If you do not not have drain holes, then you are drowning the plants

Latewood I’m hoping you’re right a couple hours ago I replaced the perlite with some good potting mix and gave em some Ph 6.5 water to drink. Today I also bought a humidifier which has gotten the tent to 80% humidity but the temp still is sitting around 79. Is this okay or should I find a way to bring it down to low 70’s? I already have my light hood being air cooled plus a swivel fan

I’m a begginer and inlove with marijuana. I’m using SeaGrow food plant but my girls are delaying at this stage,the leaves tips get brown and die again. They still in their early vegetation stage. I’m realy confused now…any help?

If you would copy and paste that support ticket in your post and fill it out to the best of your knowledge then the guys here will be able to help you alot looks like nute burn but knowing the tds of the nute solution and the ph of the soil at the root zone will help the guys here better determine your problem

i am new to hydrponics. i am useing a dwc in 3rd week of grow my ph is 5.6 my nutes ppm is at 500 water temp is 68 my room temp is 75-77 at day and 72-74 at night my super silver hays was beautiful and then lost power. water temp went to 82 and i didnt think and replaced water and neuts to 68 degree salution plants compleatly stoped growing at 6 inch im thinking shock. it has been 1 week since and no change any sugestions would be greatfull. thanks cowboy.