Drooping leaves and stopped growth

This is my first grow. My germinating went great 100% everything was good till about week 2 i think. 2 plants started drooping so i held back on watering ( i water mornin and night with a mister bottle aboit 3 mist to the surface. And mist mid day as humidity was low) i think that along with my 85 degree temp caused a potassium deficiency. Leaves are turning yellow from bottom up. Still feel waxy. Stem strong. Also i have tomatoes in on the same shelf they were doing great then boom leaves purple. Everything online say same deficiency for them. This morning i added bio root to them aboit .1 ml per 12 oz idk im fishing here. Like i said its my first grow. Any help? Also im using a 60 or 100 w replacement cfl. Three for the shelf one over the cannabis

Strain; northern lights/ bag seed

Soil in pots; using jiffy organic seed starting mix

System type? ?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Havent check. I doent watee till run off. Should i?

What is strength of nutrient mix? 1-1-1 bio root

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? Indoor in open basement room. With a/c to room. I think 13 w 6500k cfl about 4 inches away but was in a upstairs closet

Temps; Day, Night day high of mid 80s night around 68
Moved to basement and night was 64
Day N/a

Humidity; Day, Night 55% to 30%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size no but had a fan by closed door blowing towards plants

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Co2; no

You don’t put a number down for pH…very important to know that.
What type water do you use? Tap, well, distilled, spring, rain, ro?


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Thanks for the reply @kabongster. To be t i dont check my ph everytime. Probally 2/3 of the time i do. I take it down. To about 6.5 using tap water. Sometimes it sits others it doesnt. I mix in a medium spray bottle and may use 1/3 on plants. I have about 40 seedlings im also growing veggies for the first time this year.if read to water threw does this need to be done. My soil has been separating from pots is that bad? I have the ph tools but not the thermometer.

Also i have moved the setup to a basement. According to the chart i was causeing the deficiency of zinc. I had bad air circulation, ventilation, temp, humidity, and not draing threw the bottom. should i put rocks i. The bottom from now on?

If you had it in the seed starter, the multiple soil mistings every day might have led to over watering and that led to the nutrient deficiency. The mix probably had something to retain moisture in it.
Fix any drainage problems…learn what your plants need.

“My soil has been separating from pots is that bad”

what’s that mean?

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My soil feels dry on top even had some seeds not germinate so i stuck my finger to the bottom and soil is cool and maybe damp but not wet. And soil seperating is a sign of dried out soil correct? But with a nute deficiency water may not be moved threw the plant, it stays in the soil and suffocates the roots giving signs of ovewatering. With the high temp low humidity my stomata? Would be open or closed i forgot which and sweating K. I think this is the problem. I think iv adjusted well temp was 72.5 at canopy and humidity was 59 after 6 hours on. So hopefully with a better environment and some bio root they will pull threw 4 of 6 look bad. But we shall see in the end. And try again.

It sounds like you know what to watch for.

Get the babies watered properly, allow to dry, watch your misting…if you’re worried, put a humidity dome over them.

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under watering has many of the same symptoms as over watering if all you are doing is misting soil twice daily you may be under watering do your pots feel light? best way to avoid over watering is not to mist but to water from the bottom. Adding water to their trays let them soak it up then remove extra judge by weight if they feel light water heavy don’t if they aren’t getting enough water they won’t eat and will droop and stop growing.


underwatering symptoms Leaf droop no growth nutrient deficiency, If media is dry plant gets no nutrients if you are using a light airy soil it is hard to over water honestly sometimes we over care a plant to it’s death seeing and treating issues where there are none :slight_smile:


There are a few of us over thinking and loving our plants to death…

Read forum posts, blogs, do searches for answers, ask questions…

Keep it simple and watch your pH.

Welcome to ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA! :grinning:


again i hear that quote in my head “Marijuana plants thrive on neglect” heh
strange, but true.

Uodate! I watered my plants threw and they are looking 90% better. Still the yellow on leaves but they have perked right up. So in conclusion i was uderwatering. Also im sure my drastic temps and conditions contributed. Thanks for all the help and support.


good to hear just keep an eye on ph every time you water half the reason we water till 10-20% run off is so we can check ph of run off every water as well it helps reduce mineral/salt build ups in soil. This is not over worrying this is simply a case of keeping an eye for changes if leaves are already damaged they typically will not recover too much


Thanks. So i know water going in needs to be 6.5 to 7 but what does my runoff need to be? Im correct in thinking high ph is me giving to many nutes (iv only water once withh nutes) and low is it needs nutes?

water has it’s own ph every cup is slightly different and soil deteriorates over time which also changes ph as well as plant roots. The idea is to always adjust ph of your water to control ph in soil, adding nutes does change watering ph but you should always be adjusting ph to control and adjust soils ph
For example if your tap water is like mine has a ph over 8 adding my nutrients brings it to about 6.8 I use pro-mix Soil-less so have to lower it to about 6 after testing my run off it says 5.6 so when I water next I water with ph of 6.5 my run off is closer to my target because I adjusted.
Every time you water or feed you should be ph adjusting water it doesn’t tell you when to add nutrients but it makes them available to your plant if they are present in organic soil 6.5 is target soil less 5.8


A lot to read, but good information…


I have alot of info on my tablet.
And like a dumass I droped it in the sink full of water.
So for know I am using my cell phone