Plant leafs drooping

I have been doing all these grows for a few years now, and now have just bought a house where i grow in a basement . temperature is 24-25 , humidity is 50 percent , ph is 6.9 ( always watering and feeding checked ) , but runoff N/A ( not tested yet ) and I have just moved the plants from t5 lighting to an 750 watts hps . thing is , leafs colour is fine , but all plants are drooping leafs . there is some amnesia haze and some og kush along with a lavender called caramelo . all of them are drooping all of a sudden … anything you can help me with ?

I am in the midst of taking pictures asap … but here goes for the ticket info . thanks for providing help guys at ilgm

Strain; OG Kush, Amnezia haze, Caramelo

Soil in pots promix

System type hps 750 w , rhizotonic and terra vega , some epsom salt 1 in 20 watering

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?6.1

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS


Temps; 24-25 celsius , 19 at Night

Humidity; 50, 50

Ventilation system; oscillating fan and 4 inch new air entry

Co2; No

Could be too much water, or not enough water? There’s a good module on this in the Bergmans Lab section.

can someone instruct me how to put up a pic or two ?

Yea, Pigsquishy actually helped me out and showed me this.

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thank you k treeez . I just flushed all my treez with ph 6.7 water and the run off wass 6.0 - 6.1
I guess its too acidy , I will leave them for awhile while they drinkk all this good water , and then check em out again if they need to be flushed twice ???
other than that , I live deep woods and have a surface well , could it be the water is too hard ? I never had this when I was working with city treated water ( Im just throwing it out there as it could be anything really ) but my vitals are fine

water 6.7 from the well, temperature is 25 at top of canopy and humidity is a bit low at 45 I guess , but the plants wouldnt be reacting like they are right now . stay tuned for a pic . and thanks already for helping me

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hard water test done . no hard water . soap forms suds and bubbles as soo as I shake my water with some dishwasher soap . hard water doesnt foam . so lets count that out .

The most common problems that cause leaf drooping are watering too much or not enough that oddly look pretty much alike, and pH problems. Your pH is for run off a little low for soil. How much water did you use to flush? You may have not gotten all the acidic problem taken care of. 2-3 times the capacity of the pot is a good rule of thumb for flushing.

Has your pH meter been checked to see if it is accurate? That could be a problem. There is a big difference between your watering/feeding pH and your runoff. 6.9 in and 6.1 out? 6.3 - 6.5 would be better for watering and feeding.
How often are you watering and how much?
How old are your plants?

Just some of the questions that pop up in my mind.

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thx for those pointers … this morning | saw the growth , the new growth is fine and lush green , but leafs that were there before are still drooping … here is a pic .

my plants are just about 8 weeks old , and I have been splitting heads and super cropping on em a bit , but as far as watering , I only give em when I feel the pot is light …

here is a few pics .

could it be , I need to flush again guys ???

I just read your opening again and realized that the change from T5 to HPS is an important event. It is possible that the heat is going up fast and the plants are just reacting. What distance from the canopy are the lights? Is there a drastic increase in temp in grow area as a result of the heat from the HPS lamp? That could be causing the problem. It may be as simple as moving the lights out a little and let the plant get used to the heat over several days. Not sure but is very possible.

Make sure you are not watering too much or too little. Hope that helps. Jerry

the heat at the topmost canopy is around 25 … it is below what it can withstand , hence no problem there either . I just flushed a second time and am gonna wait till sunday or monday to water again . 3 , 4 days should be enough for them to get back up … ill keep u tuned so you can get the data , if they turned out ok or not :wink:

wish me luckkkkkkkkk

damn , shit , still everybody sgot their leafs looking south .

ktreez, my shit is getting back up . great :wink:

couldve been a combination
i am a bit ashamed as a rule of thumb is always , when changing somehting on a good setup( one that is working and plants actually healty , one has to change only one thing at a time. So if a problem arises he will know what he did wrong and back track . I did 3 things

but I am not a new grower so I am ashamed and but , I was patient … patience is one big key when an issue arises …

here is the three things I did

change from 500 to 750 watts , fully , and completely lol
second I had just supercropped … so that takes a toll on them
I had just previously watered and moved totally to a new room

and so I flushed , twice

good thing I was patient , as things are picking up now and should be a damn blast with Roberts genetic and more +++

I post one pic when everything is back up and plants are praying once again



ok , well here goes , I still need help . Someone to help me with my plants as they are not going anywhere . I can see that there is growth happening , but it is still droopy all of them .

my temperature is 23 degrees celsius at top of the canopy , humidity is 55-60 % , temp during night is 20
using a adjustable ballast now set at 500 watts

I have sprayed rhizotonic on the leafs of all the plants . lightly but just enough for them to grab a few nutriments as they were not watered for a week now since I flushed them twice last week . still and since … drooping leafs . yellowing a bit

[quote=“badboy1, post:1, topic:4059”]
Temps; 24-25 celsius , 19 at Night
[/quote] You original temperature numbers seem a little on the extreme side, this is 75-77F and 66F at night, and it’s generally wanted that the day and night temps not change that drastically, no more than a 10*F difference between day and night temps, this is cutting it a little close, but I don’t think it is necessarily the main or only problem.

I’d have to agree with the above, well water often is very hard or has undesirable minerals in it. We could use a EC or TDS/PPM reading of the water, it is generally also best to have very low EC 0.1 or less than 50PPM.

And if it isn’t the heat, it does look a little like over watering wilt.

Also, if you are using promix, which one?

Promix HP actually requires a pH at 5.8, just like hydro, as it is a soil-less media, and it requires a cal-mag additive of around 150PPM or 0.3 EC. It actually needs extra calcium carbonates to stabilize pH and keep the plants happy and healthy. If your well water doesn’t have too many bad dissolved solids, like too much sodium, iron or sulfates, then it might work well for you, but we’d need to know specifics about what is in your well water.

Otherwise, most of the advice already given seems good advice and I can’t really think of anything else that hasn’t been covered to look out for.


What is your watering schedule? What method are you using to grow?

welll right now , Im in the middle of havin done 2 complete flushes . getting the ph right is the first thing in the soil .

then for watering schedule , well I go with the feel ( wight ) of the pots … the look also , like how dry the soil looks and feels

but like I said , I did 3 things , I shouldnt have . only one change at a time when you have a winning combo … plus I supercropped them just the day before changing rooms , so it hurt them , no shit lol

also , Im using soil , pro mix and canna rhizo, terra vega . of course I am still vegging so no need to talk bout flowering . I am using a 500 watts ( that I just lowered to 5000 from 750 watts ) to give them a chance and recuperate , and ill prolly switch it to 750 back again once they are back on track . They are getting there … new growth is green green green and stiff not droopy but hey I realy almost killed my shit .

for anyone having troubles like this , stop giving the water and nutriments , and just foliar spray rhizotonic only on them cause once you flush , there is no nutriments intake by the roots till you water and fert the pot again , this is why foliar spray is gonna save you .

ill take some pics after Im completely up . stay tuned . thanks guys

thx Latewood , MacGyverStoner , Ktreez

props to all of ya

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