New grower needing a little guidance

Hi, new to cannabis growing. I have been getting everything prepared. I have my seedlings in the pots and they have sprouted. They are in a promix hp with Coco mixture. I am planning on using cyco nutes with my girls. When it becomes time to start feeding nutrients, is it best to space out the nutrients between each feeding/watering or just one time a week? Any advice about feeding nutrients and flushing my plants would be very appreciated.

I think the best way to start growing weed is to do what others are being successful with. If you start out using some odd soil and a fert that others are not well versed on, it can be difficult. Before you crack your, potentially expensive seed, have a look around the forum and see what style of grow you like and any of us that do what you want to try will be happy to mentor you. There are several killer growers on this site, they vary from hydro to soiless to outdoor and anything in between. There are some guys that grow dope so sticky you can use ot for glue.
What we need to fully help you succeed is your setup info completely, leave nothing out.
Check out the magnifying glass at the top of your screen. Do you see it? Type in… support ticket…
This will give you an idea of what we need to help you.
Oh and welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum!

Coco and promix are going to behave somewhat similar. Why I don’t see a huge issue with mixing them, I don’t see a huge advantage to mixing them either. Imo would probably just go with one or the other to stick within standard operating procedures of whichever.

You won’t be watering once a week. More like daily or every other day. I put straight water into my coco plants on advice of others and seen calcium deficiency immediately. After that, full strength feeding every time which was usually daily. A couple times I noticed pot still heavy and skipped a day. Peat is like this, but holds twice as much water. So you’ll likely get to kick feeding/watering out to less often, but will be more than once per week.

Ideally you will want to avoid flushing your plants during your grow. If you feel you want to before harvest is fine, but that’s not always necessary either. If the nutrients you plan on using suggest regular flushes i would consider something else. That’s basically just overfeeding and then rinsing away all your nutrients, which is expensive lol.