New grower help is appreciated

Hello all, I am new to growing as the title states. My plan is to grow a smaller sized plant in a closet, nothing big. I’m going to be attempting to grow WW and gonna start with just 1 plant. My game plan currently is to grow in an Aerogarden Ultra because it is a hydroponic system and it seems pretty self contained. I plan on using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A+B for vegetation/growing and Advanced Nutrients Big Bud for flowering. The closet space is pretty minimum so space is an issue. The LED light is only 30 watts built into the unit so I’m assuming i’m going to need more lights. I have no clue what to do with lights and I’m not even sure if this set up will be successful it’s just from research on my own. Any suggestions especially on additional lighting (Preferably from Amazon) would be super appreciated. If i could yield 1-3 ounces I would be super happy.

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Amazon is our main company choice any ways :smile: welcome to ilgm all the info you’ll need is right here. You can look into mars led lights, king leds, apache tech led lights though those are expensive you need Atleast 50 Watts per sq ft of your canopy and white widow is known to be a big plant so any questions you have along the way about controlling height we will be here to guide you.

Hope you enjoy it here we are happy to have you here, and happy growings


It really depend on your budget @BrotherManBill, it can range as little as 100$ and up to 850$ :wink::innocent:

My Budget is pretty limited. I’m really unsure about what lights to supplement with because I’m guessing the built in light with the Aerogarden at 30watts is not going to cut it.

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For sure your 30 watts build-in light will not be suffisant, like Majiktoker mention it take a minimum of 50 watts / square feet , exemple : if your closet is 4×4 = 16 ×50 = 800, so a minimum of 800 watts LED light would be necessary , it can be a combinaison of 2 - 400 watts I personnaly use King plus LED light that it’s not too expensive here a link :

This one would be enough for a 12 square foot closet…

Hope that you’ll find this useful :innocent: :v:

Oh wow, yeah the closet space isn’t quite that big. It seems like if I’m going to need a much larger light source that maybe the Aerogarden is not the right choice. Is there another simple solution for something to grow in and also am I at least on the right track with the nutrients? I really appreciate the help.

Keep in mind the Areogarden light is above the plant’s which will block any light you add unless you plan on removing the AG light.


How big is your closet ?

The space I could grow in is like 1.5deep, 3feet wide and 4 tall.

This one should do the trick

Oh cool yeah that seems really good. I would just disregard the built in light on the aerogarden. Are the nutrients i’m getting good ones? I just want a simple set up. Would I be better off growing in something like this

instead of the aerogarden? seems like it is A LOT cheaper

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I didn’t follow the Linc but if it is a waterfarm or a bubble bucket the that would be your best bet. You can buy them in a whole self contained kit. The aero garden will become too small very quickly

Yes I checked it that would be a way better choice :sunglasses:


I think you’ll be much happier with the DWC bucket your posted link to and a led light one like @Niala
Posted you need 225 actual watts for your size grow space
I personally use the galaxy hydro brand lights
A 600 watt version of either light will work fine for you or you can get two 300 watt light for better coverage but not sure with your limited space if you need to
Worry about that
Good luck
Guess you got your Seeds straightened out bro ?

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YES! I have an AreoGarden and I can tell you with some confidence, it’s too small and the lights aren’t strong enough.

If you’re going to remove the lights, you might as well go with the DWC bucket you linked.

IMO of course :slight_smile:

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I agree with @Nug-bug and @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Matthew420 the aero garden will probably become too small quickly, however ever it really depend on the size of it, wicth model do you have?

And space will probably be a concern espacelly hight with the dwc. Do not forget you only have 4 feet in hight available and the dwc alone take 16 inch of it, you’ll be have , with the suspend light in count, only have about 2 feet left for your baby to thrive , you’ll be force to use grow technic as LST or SCROG, however, it’s possible to do it.

Good points on light and dwc setup and hieght @Niala scrog would be they way to go I think maybe with a little Lst and topping unless autos are being used

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I agree and it really depend on the strain he will choose, even auto will probably need SCROG :wink::innocent:

For sure @Niala
I was referring to topping even though I’ve read you can top autos early
I don’t grow them so I won’t suggest doing it

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Ô my miss :wink: me neither, I only grow regular feminized :innocent:

Hey Countryboy. Can you tell me how much area does a 1000w LED full spectrum light cover and how high the light should be hanging? My girls leaves are turning yellow and feel dry but I keep them watered appropley.