Led for marijuana grow

A question from a fellow grower:

I have read the book that was sent to me and I need some information. I was given a Miracle- Gro Aero Garden for Christmas. It uses LED as a light source. Rather than just guess and try to grow a plant…do you have any instructions that would help my improve my chances of a good grow.

Perhaps you posted a picture or link to a description of this grow system; We could help give you a more informed answer. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the AeroGarden that I have. I just got confirmation from you that you received my funds and will send what I requested soon. I look forward to your help so I can get this done right.


That would be nice for propagation of seeds and clones. I would not attempt a grow in that vessel, unless I was growing , maybe 1 auto flower, and planned all my time training it.

Look into an ebb and flow tray or system. These are very easy to DIY, and can be affordable to but parts ala carte.

That was my plan…to only grow one plant at a time. I bought Big bud Fem because of the compact size. I do have time on my hands and I can devote a lot of time to make sure I get the most out of the plant. I was mostly concerned on whether to germinate in the pod as the system instructs or germinate as your instructions then place in the pod and then follow their instructions.

I kept trying to find info that might give some of the dimensions skimming through it, like the max height above the reservoir and and others but didn’t see any. But it looks really small. It looks like this would be best for propagation of seeds and/or creating clones from cuttings as Latewood had already stated. It also look like you just don’t have much vertical room at all and one plant, even well trained might not be the best use of the space you have. You should really consider a sea of green set-up of “lollipop” or “Popsicle” clones to get the best yeild in such a limited space.

Bigbud fem would work in a sea of green of clones to be flowered in this fashion. You could potentially keep a small mother plant fairly happy under a 45-65 watt cfl and take clones from it to fill each of the sites in the top of the reservoir and then almost start the flowering light schedule immediately to achieve the sea of green lollipop or popsicle spears of bud.

Max height is 24 inches according to the specs.

I once seen a very enclosed grow space, well, in height, a relative of a friend who at the time needed to be “discreet” who had a 76 Cadillac he bought real cheap but always had a battery charger hooked up, from outward appearance, but he popped the trunk and a braket holding two shop lights with four fluorescent bulbs, the older larger around size, was seen attached to the inside of the trunk lid. He even drove his mobile garden to various friends places when he would get concerned of the law or neighbor people wondering why his caddy wasn’t being driven much, or needed an extension cord on it constantly. Oh yeah, in a small space, some of that was some good smoke, as long as not parked out in the direct hot sun, but I live in a cool climate, and now I live in a cool state, of Oregon where people won’t have to use trunks no more.

He also had some crazy idea that every couple of days start the caddy up, it has a leaky muffler and pipe, and rust holes in the trunk floor, and said the smoke seemed to do something good, I was never so convinced.