New Grow Starting…

Okay, I’m tired of researching. I’ve spent the last two weeks reading everything I can about growing marijuana. Thank you to everyone here who has answered my questions.
I’ve finally decided on a plan.

  1. Seeds - 4 Feminized White Widow and 4 Feminized Super Silver Haze. (I’m a lover of both Sativa and Indica)
  2. Lights - 1 Apollo Horticulture GL100LED Full Spectrum 300W LED and 1 Apollo Horticulture GLK400GW19 400 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH System (Because I want to see for myself) 1 - Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Flouro Grow Light System for the seedlings. (And because I want to use the frame to hold my lights for the grow.)
  3. Seed Starter soil - Espoma SS8 8-Quart Organic Seed Starter (Because I don’t trust Miracle Grow due to my wife kills houseplants with it.)
  4. Seed Starter Pots - Planters Pride RZR06000 Round Fiber Grow Coconut Coir Pots, 6-Inch (Because I want to check out the coconut fiber stuff myself)
  5. Growing soil - FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Soil mixed with Hydrofarm Super Coarse Perlite in a 3 to 1 ratio.
  6. Nutes - None until flowering but I got the FoxFarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit.
  7. Pots - 8 empty cat litter boxes that have been bleached and holes drilled in the bottom.
  8. Water - From my 300 ft deep well.
    The growing area will be approximately 8.5 sq feet. I will attempt to get the plants to be about 4 ft tall before flowering. Vegging light will be the HPS and the LED for 18 hours a day. Flowering will be MH and the LED for 12 hours a day.
  9. I’m not convinced I’ll have enough airflow in the underground shelter. I can make some changes if I have to and put in a bigger fan than the little 4 incher I’ve got pushing air out the vent pipe on the back wall. I can put that bigger fan blowing up through the top vent, or sucking air down through the top vent. It will be wintertime so it may remain at a good temp throughout the grow.
  10. Cold - I honestly don’t know how cold it gets in the shelter other than in the past, water has never froze in there. Just in case, I’ve got a small bathroom heater with a rudimentary thermostat that I can put in the room.
  11. Rain Leaking in - I still haven’t totally fixed the leaks yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve done all I can as far as sealing the inside. Now I’m hauling large rocks and will shovel dirt on top to make the water run away from the shelter instead of pooling next to it.
  12. Security - I really don’t want to put a lock on the door. If we have a tornado I don’t want to get my wife and dogs out there and then have to run back in the house to find the keys. I do have my gate locked, but the fence is very easy to climb over. I live outside of town and no one can see the shelter from their house. I’ll have to figure that out as I go.
    I will be starting a grow blog and add pictures with what I’ve learned and the results of my attempt.
    The remainder of the seeds will be kept in a cool, dark, dry place until I decide whether to risk one more outdoor grow in the spring. If not, I may go ahead and add them to the mix in the shelter and add more lights if I need to.

Sounds like a good plan.