First Grow From Beginning to End

Just put 3 each of White Widow and Gold Leaf (both ILGM feminized seeds) into small peat pots to germinate under a dome for humidity control.

Growing indoors, soil and LED’s in an 8’ X 7’ basement room (9’ ceiling height). The room is lined with Panda plastic sheeting (walls, ceiling and floor). 440 cfm exhaust fan (with charcoal filter) to control temperature and provide fresh air.

Lights, temperature, humidity and soil moisture are all monitored and automated so that if I am out of town for a time, the system will continue happily until I return and am able to give my garden the attention that it needs.

Started with six plants to insure that at least 3 or 4 survive my first growing effort. After I get my “sea legs” I can likely fit as many as 20 - 25 plants. I will play that by ear.

Thanks to @neckNflu @Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala @Donaldj @bob31 @Myfriendis410 and several others that I don’t remember handles for plus the many folks that have asked and answered so many questions for all of us just getting started. Your advice has been quite helpful.


Thank you very much for the invite. I appreciate that. I’m excited to watch how it goes. Good luck and have fun. I’ll be doing a gold leaf myself on my next grow, so I’m excited to get a sneak peek. :grin::+1::deciduous_tree: Enjoy your grow! Thanks!

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@merlin44, I wonder why people like you and I don’t have enough confidence with our first grow and start off planting extra plants afraid several might die on us. I wonder how many extra plants people see fit to start? I was two extra for a total of 5. And none have die so far. Welcome to the party Merlin.


@Flyr I just keep reading posts from people having their new seedlings fall over and die or get sick from wrong watering/nutes schedule etc, etc., lighting. The list goes on.

If all of my plants survive I will be ecstatic. I have studied and planned, now the rubber meets the road. It will be fun to see how it turns out in a few months.


Yep, ain’t it great. I love that there’s something new to play with and it’s not overly expensive to get into. Not like buying a four wheel drive jeep or a twin engine airplane. Heck, all you need is light and water.


Exactly! A new hobby with benefits :sunglasses:


You wont need the filter hooked up for awhile until they start to get stinky. You can get more grows out of it by not hooking it up until its needed.

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@Rugar89 Thanks for the idea of waiting on installing the filter. I didn’t think of that. I will definitely wait until later in the cycle before putting the filter on. :ok_hand::+1:


Hope your system will take care of them while you are out.

Then there’s the watering system.


Nice system there, I have my drip system (with motorized valves) connected to a control computer with soil moisture sensors in the pots. Had to do some experimenting to get the inputs from the moisture sensors calibrated properly. I hope the sensors from over seas prove reliable, selected capacitive type for longer life than resistive type.

That makes two of us @miller97, I used industrial control equipment so the hardware should be reliable and the programming is fairly straight forward. My fingers will be crossed if I must travel during the first grow.

My new seeds have not come up yet (only two days in the dirt) but I have been continuing to study and make plans.
While it is not yet clear whether or not to top my plants nor when to do so, I am wondering what the term “FIMM” means and how/when or even if it should be done.
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That chart shows the difference between Fim and top

This explains them a little better



Thanks @bob31 I will study the links this evening. I did see the chart that you included earlier today but didn’t understand it. I suspect that the articles will help a great deal. :+1:


Look through it and we can talk about it tomorrow. The bottom line is this

If you top, you will get two tops. If you FIM correctly you can get as many as 4 tops.

You want to FIM and top especially when you need to control the height of your plants indoors. Topping and Fimmig is also a prerequisite to SCROGGING

Another technique is super-cropping

You have your homework! happy reading! @merlin44


@merlin44 not for autos though FYI.


yeah, pretty much none of that applies to Autos! @merlin44 @Myfriendis410


Does this mean that if height is not an issue I should let them grow? I don’t know how high these plants get. My max height will be about six to seven feet. 7 gallon containers.

@Myfriendis410 thanks for the extra insight. For now I am growing Photos but may try Autos one of these days.

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It depends. Do a little research on your strains both of the site where you bought them and also leafly.

Are you growing in or out? If you are indoors in 7 gallon pots they could get quite large depending on how long you let them veg