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I am the newbie who posted with a question about a “gimp” seed. She’s feeling much better now! I am still dumbfounded when I think about what I am doing; growing illegally in this state. But, my brother with cerebral palsy and muscle spasms desperately needs help, no meds are helping him, and I have bursitis pain and an oxy prescription which I hate to use. This state is in the process of legalizing medical right now, but the process is slow and the hoops everone is required to jump through…well, we just can’t wait that long.
I read as much as possible, Robert’s bible is excellent, but you dont really learn until you get your hands into it, right?
I’ll be posting questions on the appropriate sites about what will help my brother; we dont smoke so I hope to make tinctures and edibles for him.
I am growing 4 plants in my bathroom, and am super excited they are looking so good! @


Welcome to the ILGM forum @Supernoobie. You will find that the people here are willing and ready to assist. They have helped me get my first grow to flower and hope to harvest in a few weeks or so.

You should start a grow journal so that folks can see what you are doing and be better able to help when and if you need it.

Come visit my journal if you wish: First Grow From Beginning to End

It is a bit long but you can skip to the last few weeks if you just want to see where I am.


Welcome to the forum @Supernoobie if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask away. Edibles are the best way to medicate if you ask me. Just be sure to decarboxylate your flower first. (Heat gently to activate the THC/CBD first) I probably will try making canna capsules sometime as well. Another great method. Don’t forget to tag someone when responding. Like @Covertgrower
Happy growing.

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Welcome to the forum @Supernoobie

Thanks, I was planning to make some kind of edibles fo him.

And the capsules are a good idea too.

I have NO idea how much to dose, but I do think it’s the Indica strain he needs.

I have seedlings growing now, but I feel I am running out of time…and I plan to drive one state over where rec. is legal, bring some buds back.

I am an experienced cook so no doubt I can make edibles.

What about the tincture under the tongue?

I suppose I should put this on the medical site.


@Supernoobie tinctures work well also. I have no experience with that, but I hear they do work well. Maybe @BIGE for a tincture? Or @AnneBonny
Capsules are a strain my strain basis, and an experiment of how many to take. They’re also great, for discretion. Anyone can take a pill in public if you need to. :wink:


Thanks for the tag @Covertgrower I just answered his/her question on tinctures/edibles somewhere else on here. @Smokin_ernie had tagged me. @Supernoobie how awesome you are trying to help your brother deal with his illness. Dosage will likely be trial and error unfortunately. Even when I make canna-caps from own grow my dosage may change from batch to batch due to a different strain or plant because the THC/CBD levels will be different.

Like Covertgrower mentioned don’t forget to decarb for edibles or you won’t get the benefits. Good luck!