1st time grower. Growing 4 my wife/ Stroke. Help with information

Good evening. I am a new grower, 1st time. I love to grow everything, so I thought why not ‘The Herb Superb’… Then my wife has had a Stroke. 58 yrs old. Not a good stroke. 14 months ago she came home to me from the hospital… I am growing {Green Crack FEM Seeds} I would love for my sweetheart to be able to get relief from my GROW. Problem is, she can’t take a hit from a small bONg, without coughing. I am asking for the Love of My Life. Thank you in Advance. Scott…


Hello @scotts66charger !!! So sorry to hear of this horrible tragedy, but so glad she gets to be with you. Postive vibes and prayers to you and yours.

As to your question, maybe check out edibles or tinctures? You can check out @Caligurl’s page, she has a great tutorial on making edibles. Dosing and everything from start to finish.

Hope this helps!


Sir my heart goes out to you and your wife. I have a friend who had a stroke and is in a wheelchair. He has the same problem and I take my buds and make edibles, cookies and brownies for him. Edibles are a great way for a person to the the effects of thc without smoking. You can spread cannibutter on anything. Toast, steaks anything. The Benefits of edibles last for longer periods. I’m not sure if that would be something that may work in your situation or if that is the kind of suggestion you are looking for.


I will do that. Thank you your words.!


I will check that out. I don’t know a thing about the{ buds and make edibles, cookies}. Im gonna check it out. scott


Sorry to hear about you trouble. Sir does the patient have COPD or emphysema. Try the albuteral inhaler if it helps, then look into making hash. Rosin to be more specific. It is hash pressed into a vapable form that tastes like heaven and is made with 0 solvents. It is hand sift, bubble hash or tricombes in concentrated form. I like low ad slow abot 205 degrees F or so for about 1.5 minutes then collect.


A source turbo would be your best friend or any type of extractor so you can make edibles ect…


I used the alcohol extraction process I found on here. It does cost a bit with the price of golden grain so high, but it sure is simple. It makes great concentrate, which holds up well stored in the freezer.

For immediate relief for her, a volcano or any vaporizer may perform better, or at least better than smoking. I’ve tried many and hands down the volcano has the coolest vapor, most efficient and less cough than any other.

Edibles for chronic pain, vapor for acute flair ups.


@scotts66charger, I am so sorry to hear about your wife. That’s so young to have a stroke. Seems it’s becoming more and more common.

Here is a link to my edibles journal.

I started by making my concentrate the old fashioned way in where you let the alcohol evaporate. That gets pricey (plus I have to drive to the next state to buy 191). Then I got a Source Turbo. It reclaims about 89% of the alcohol, cost is $450 (I think) so it literally pays for itself in a short amount of time. I have seen them for sale used on ebay a few times but people still want too much for a used one.

Please holler if you have any questions.


Welcome to the Canna-Fam Growmie!! Hate to hear your troubles my friend but some good people here got you on the way to making things better I hope :smiling_face:.

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Look into dry herb vapes Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


For immediate relief for her, a volcano or any vaporizer may perform better, or at least better than smoking. ( So what is a VOLCANO).??


One of the best vaporizers by peoples reviews. Its a bit pricy at about 350$ but it seems a great unit. If I could ever afford it I would get one.
I also grow for my wife and make edibles for her. Have been doing it for about 5 years now.
She also uses dry herb vapes, but the edibles seem to help more.


So do you sell to others? I live in Oregon , and we sell and buy every freaking thing. lololol. Just asking, no worries. I’m trying to find a common way to help the Love of my life… My Wifey.


I’ve had the Volcano vape for over a year now and my wife and I love it :love_you_gesture:

I also use a Leevo2 to infuse oils or butter for edibles or canna caps.


We love our volcano, I thought I would like the whip better, nope. The balloons are d’bomb! I also tried the glazier tube with bubbler for the volcano… what a waste. The tube is so narrow inside it / clogs freezes solid after one dose.

Same here :love_you_gesture: