Grow only for butter and edibles?

I cough and choke too much when I inhale so I make a lot of cannabutter for brownies and cakes.

Are there any seeds best for that purpose and are general growing guidelines followed?

I’d think of it’s good smoke it’ll make good edibles. That said if not cured properly cured it’ll be harsher - a general statement on edibles is different than smoking in effects and depends on digestive system and liver processing ∆9THC to ∆11THC. It’s much stronger after liver changes or processes the classic ∆9THC cannabinoid to ∆11THC. Google it for more info.

Thanks, that’s what I also believe. Always have to ask around…some of these growers are at the molecular level.

I use cannabis in sweet and savory just made this tonight it’s a lemon pepper chicken in a creamy lemon pepper and ginger sauce over egg noodles and some killer bruschetta

I cook with terms make my own oil use distillate syringes kief I. My seasoning and doing a strawberry shortcake soon with infused whipped cream this was so good though. Made the butter with budder from my dispensary it’s pretty potent

I ran into the same problem. I smoked cigarettes for too many years and just can’t light up a joint. I quit smoking years ago and any smoking hurts. I like edibles and thought this would be how I would use everything. Turn it all into butter and make lots of cookies and brownies. BUT, I found an alternative. There are a lot of high quality vapes out there. You vape at 200 degrees Celsius and you are getting vapors and not smoke. I can handle vaping, but not smoking. It works. Don’t look at those for e-juice, but for those capable of vaporizing dry herbs.