New Grow Starting Today: What are your thoughts?

I’m gonna start a new grow today. I have two 7-gallon fiber pots in which I have mostly Pro-Mix Organic potting mix with organic Pearlite, a little lime, egg shells, worm castings and a little Pro-Mix regular soil on top (to start the seedling). Is this gonna work, or do I need to do something different? Thank you in advance for any ideas.

What do you have planned for lighting?

I would skip the egg shells. They won’t break down quickly enough for them to be any benefit.


I’m using a ViparSpectra P2000 for the very first time. Thoughts?

It will flower 1 plant.

Yes, I agree. I was thinking of putting both in the same tent, (and I might in the beginning) but then one will have to go in it’s own room. Lol. So, the soil mixture that I mentioned will be ok? I’m asking because I heard a lot of good things about such a mixture, but have not tried it yet.

Use Promix or soil, but not both. Choose one and go with it.

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Ok, thank you very much. It is 99 % Pro-Mix Organic, just a little regular dirt on the top to get the seeds started. I appreciate the help.