Advice for 2nd Grow

Hi everyone!

I’ve finished my first grow, still curing. Got tons of help here and it was much appreciated.
My first grow was all photos but this time I’m going to try autoflowers. Had some questions and stuff, just to trying to get some direction.

  • I’m planning on starting 4 different strains. Is it ok to just start my seeds directly in the growing medium I plan to use? I bought a bunch of Happy Frog and I’m using 5 gallon buckets. Last grow I didn’t like having to handle the tiny root so I’d rather avoid that if I can.

  • Do I need to add anything to the Happy Frog? I see that some people add perlite and things along those lines but it looks like there’s already perlite mixed in.

  • Last grow I used the Fox Farm trio for nutrients and I plan on using them again but I don’t know if I should trust the dosages they recommend. Thoughts?

  • I ordered Sweet Raw, Silica Blast, and Liquid Karma. Can these be used regularly or should they only be used for certain periods? Are they ok to use with the FF trio?

  • If the Trio can be used together with the Botanicare stuff, does that mean that I would have to use less of each in order to not have too high of a ppm?

  • Do I really need to let tap water sit overnight?

  • One thing I admit that I didn’t do in my last grow was to flush. How do I know when I’m supposed to flush?

  • Best light schedule? My lights have a veg, flower and full modes, if I’m doing autos when should I switch from veg to flower/full?

I have alot more I’m wondering about but these are the most important ones. I appreciate all the help from everyone and this time around I have alot less questions so I know I came to the right place.

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I think I know a few of these answers. New grower warning however.

Flush. follow the fox farms schedule. If you use nutrients during veg then you would most likely flush @ the end of week 4 then 7 and 10.

Most people add 8-12 quarts of perlite per bag of HF for added drainage. some also add 15% coco. As well as mykos when planting and potting up( you wont do that in autos). some add worm castings as well. It is personal preference. I would defiantly add perlite. helps to keep from overwatering.

fox farms dosage… I would stick with light dosages in the beginning when they are ready. 1/4. then work your way up to 1/2 strength. From there on out it is how much you want to push it. And what your plants take. With Fox farms you have to flush though.

I believe with autos you do not pot up. But I am new so better wait for one of the pros to get here on that.

Lets see what @Hellraiser @Covertgrower have to say.


Autos you can pot up, but in my opinion 1-2 gallon pot is plenty for one.
Everything else is spot on.


You can go directly into their final pot

I never add anything to my Fox Farm soils, I thrust they figured it out

You need to get a Fox Farm Feeding Schedule from your local Fox Farm retailer, or from Fox Farms website.

Not familiar with those particular products, perhaps someone else can tell you

You can over feed your plants. I would use the Fox Farm Feeding Schedule once a week, and try other nutrients (per their feed schedules) on alternate feeding days. Watch for nutrient burn and if you spot some quit.

The purpose of leaving out overnight is for chlorine and other added stuff that your plant doesn’t need gas off. Many people water outdoor plants using tap water and don’t see issues. Maybe you should try experimenting.

Some flush near the end of a grow just by discontinuing nutrients and using water the last few weeks. Some routinely flush following a schedule such as the Fox Farm feeding schedule. You use a product (Sledgehammer is Fox Farms product) that breaks up the salts and allows them to flush out. Some only flush when there are signs of lock out which keeps nutrients from being absorbed.

With that kind of light… my philosophy is to duplicate a grow outdoors. You start with your blue grow light until your plant is established, then maximum light during veg and early flower by using both switches, and as you approach late flower you can use just the flower switch.


I grow autos. After i germinate them i plant them in solo cups. When there ready i transplant them into 5 gal fabric pots. I have never had a problem doing it this way. I use FFOF on the bottom 2/3 and FFHF on the top 1/3. FFOF should carry you for 4 or 5 weeks before you need to feed nutes. I start out at 1/4 of what FF says and work my way up.


The reason you want to let tap water sit overnight or longer is because it has chlorine and most likely fluoride in it. Both of these are bad for cannabis plants. Letting the water sit open the the air and these things come out of the water.

If you don’t want to wait on tap water, install a Reverse Osmosis water filter system like I did. Cost me $200 but my water is as pure as distilled bottled water now.

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If you’re having trouble handling the seed with the tap root, use tweezers. Makes it super easy.

Also you can start your seeds in the final container but you’ll have to be precise with your watering to avoid overwatering and such. That’s why it’s better to start in solo cups, you can wet the soil till there’s runoff every watering and not have to worry about overwatering since there’s not much soil and it will dry up quick enough.

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I’ll just start planning ahead and filling up containers ahead of time.

I was planning on using small 2" net pots to that I trimmed down a bit to start the seeds. Start the seeds in those then when they’re big enough I can just move the net pot into the final container without having to handle the root.
Should work right?

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As long as your soil isn’t taking a week or so to dry every time you water it, you won’t run into any overwatering issues and you will be fine with whichever container you use. I don’t grow autos but I would assume after one transplant you’ll be good to go, yup.

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Also meant to ask, do you know if it’s safe to use water from a dehumidifier? I’ve heard mixed things about it but I figure it should be safe considering it’s just coming out of the air.