New grow room. Milk House to Weed House

Hello y’all. Thank you for adding me to the site. I am obviously new to this so I am sure I will be asking a lot of questions.

I am going use my old milk house as a grow room. It is 16’ X 15’, so 240 sqft. with plenty of power and water. I don’t really want to start with one or 2 plants. I would just rather put up the lights that I need and go from there. I have read some posts on this subject and I plan on buying 1000 watt set ups for mh & hps lamps.

My questions are how many plants can be reasonably grown in such a space? And could I get some advice on my lighting?

Thank you in advance!


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The lighting I’ll tag @dbrn32 for that. You wanted:

For the plant count question, if you’d can manage a few extra, it’ll be faster from seed to harvest a lot of plants flipped sooner.
You could put 100 small plants, or 4 huge ones. It’s not really feasible to grow 4 huge plants indoors, but puts it in perspective.
You’ll want some walking space to tend to each side. So you won’t need to light the entire area. Is this all on the same time schedule? So strictly flowering? Or is there another space?
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Like Covertgrower said, amount of plants per space can vary a lot depending on how you plan to grow them. The most cost effective way is to veg them until mature and then get the plants into flower. Doing exactly this, you could fit a lot of plants into 240 ft². For some there is stiff penalties on such a plant count, so they opt to veg plants for a long time to get maximum amount of yeild with minimum amount of plants. In these cases, its pretty common to have fairly large separate space for process while other plants are flowering in the main space. You will want to put some thought into where you want to fall here, then we can probably suggest some options on how to get there.

Standard 1000 watt hps rig is good to flower about 20 ft². If you have the height, you can probably consider de gavita, they have more like 4x6’ footprint. Either way, you will probably want to go with air cooled hoods. And if they’re gonna be single ended bulbs i would look for largest hoods you can find.


I bought White Widow autoflower and Gold Leaf Feminized from this site.


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Thank you! I can’t wait until I can be an asset to the group. Right now I’m soaking up the knowledge.


You already are a asset, even those of us that has been around for a while are still learning.


The ceiling is 9ft

You could probably work with the gavita fixtures then if you want. They have a layout guide on their website. Unfortunately I’m able to link, but if you scroll through their materials should be able to find it.

I switched gears and bought this…


That is a nice light for sure!

I know I have to black the windows out…


Almost done covering the windows of my milk house.
3/4" cdx plywood with 1"x3" trim, tap-con’ed into the brick. 100% light blockage and super secure. 2 more to go.