Sizing different rooms

so for a 1000w hps… im going with 4’x4’ per light with 4 plants per light. so for a 14’x14’ room (1 foot gap from plant to wall) that’s 9 lights or 36 plants… what size should my veg room be or how many plants will veg under a 1000w mh?

1000w is far too much for veg I believe, I veg with about 1/4 the watts I flower with and on about half the space. Works very well.

And I think 1000w veg is a waiste of money, get some LED Strips (4-5000K) max 250w alltogether.

For your question I dont have an answer. Sorry. Good Luck

I used to veg under 1000 watts - no problem with a dimmable ballast. I would run it at 50% power for a week, 75% power for 2 weeks, then full blast the rest of the way.
That said, you don’t need to use 1000 watts for a 4x4 unless you really want to push the growth. 600 watts will be fine.

Right on… so either way… 4’x4’ per light. And 1000 watts if I’m using co2…ramp it up from 50%… my lights are air cooled and I have a 60,000 btu air conditioner