New grow help starting over

After completely messing up by not doing enough homework . Before I bought fox farms soil (hard to find near me ) I have a seedling that was grown in some soil I found that “looked good “. It grew pretty fast almost 2” tall but never opened with any leaves .It just went straight up .After16 hours of led lighting it drooped . So today I replanted my young seedling .I put it in fox farm soil with the same amount of water . The root looked healthy about 3” long . I put it back in closet and turned off the light until it comes back up. Also the led light I’m using was about 2’ from the plant .I plan on raising to about 30” when it straits up. Just wanting opinions if I’m on the right track to getting it up to speed .

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Brand & model?


Name and model of light would be helpful for us to help you

Juhefa 12x5 45watt

Juhefa 45watt 12x5”

Can you post picture of said light

Your plants are reaching and not developing because it is not getting enough light. You’re going to need a better light for growing cannabis. Cannabis is a very light hungry plant and a 45w lamp won’t come close to getting it done. Do you have a budget in mind for your grow?

Be careful about watering seedlings too. They are very sensitive to overwatering at this stage. A seedling only needs a couple ml of water per day. Anything more than that at this stage is overwatering.

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Can you suggest a good light on a budget.So many out there

I would suggest an HLG 200 Diablo for a single plant.

Here is a support ticket to fill out. it will help so everyone can help.

Please post pic of plant and light you are using. lighting is most important for cannibis. The right light is a must. Do you have an idea of budget for light?

May I suggest doing a little homework, Bergman’s journals r free to read n bone up on everything cannabis related. There r numerous methods to grow marijuana, and it sounds like u need to find what method works best for u, n ur situation. Formulate a plan, including what medium u want to grow n, what nutes fit best into ur budget, what pot size best fits ur growing space, what PH, EC-PPM meters, n most important of all, what type of lighting best fits into ur budget n allotted space. N todays market there r many options for all the above mentioned products, it’s on u to decide what will work best for u. Set ur self up to succeed before germinating any seeds. U’ll need X amount of $$ up front to just to get started, get the best equipment u can afford, it will make things easier for u down the road. People here on the forum r more than willing to do whatever they can to help u succeed. As much info. n pics u can provide the better feedback u’ll receive. Just my 2 pennies worth, I wish u nothing but the best, n look forward to seeing ur killer colas n the future.

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