First time growing, confused! HELP!

Very confused, frustrated and just not sure what has happened.
Germinated my seeds, all but 3 took. Planted the seeds that took in a peat moss starter & at first had them under red light. Had a few start to die and found out, by asking here, that I needed blue light instead, so I switched. Then I read the soil may be too clumpy & not draining well, so I changed to smaller pots & am using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Soil mix indoor and small pots. The changed showed very good potential until this past week. Now it appears they have stopped growing and I have lost 3 more seedlings!

Temp in room stays between 72-75. Have a fan going to help with humidity and have gone to 8-9 hour dark/16 hours blue light. Lighting is 30inchs away from top of seedlings. I water throughly twice a week and spray tops everyday, sometimes twice a day.

Like I stated above, all this has been working great, till this week. Now seedlings seem to have stopped.

Attached are pictures…

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I see 2 issues you will want to work on.

Soil is too wet. Seedlings at this stage only need a couple ml of water per day. Overwatering will cause rooting problems at the seedling stage.

Not enough light. The seedlings are so tall because they are reaching for more light.


concur @MidwestGuy


Thank you SO much for getting back to me so fast!
Are they savable?
Still use the blue light? How many hours do I leave the light on??

What lighting are you using? Will this be an indoor grow?

I can’t hang anything from my ceiling so I bought these. They have an adjustable stand so I can make them the 30inch off of the plant itself.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to grow cannabis with that light. I count 7 plants and it is going to be difficult to light them sufficiently to flower unless you have a big budget. Cannabis needs ~40 watts of quality lighting per square foot of canopy space at maturity, which works out to ~200 watts per plant. I would send the light you have back if you can.

You can search the site here for lighting options in line with your budget. You really want an LED light that is built with Samsung LM301 series diodes. Quality lighting that will sustain a cannabis plant is going to cost on the order of ~$200 per plant. An HLG Diablo 200 per plant is a good option. There are larger options for multiple plants. The Newer Spider Farmer LED models also work well. The other option is to put them outdoors.


I might put these outside and see if I can save them!
Get a new lighting system and start fresh!


That is a great attitude. welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: When u are ready come on back and these guys and girls will steer you in the right direction


My 1st thought less water an more light. Also in the future you might consider using seed starter soil to get them going. Then transplant to final home (ocean forest) When you transplant backfield up on those stems a couple inches @MidwestGuy has you covered.


@MrsSmith90 Howdy! Welcome aboard!! You’ve already gotten great advice :point_up_2:but I’d add when you purchase a better light your seedlings won’t stretch up so badly and you can then use a clear cup over them as a dome to trap the humidity and water with a little less frequency. Most just mist the inside of the cup and very little water down in the soil. They drown easily at this stage. It’s a fine balance your looking for. Good luck!!


@MrsSmith90 If you can, I think moving them outdoors might really help. Nothing like sunlight.

Consider repotting and burying those long stems. I had to do that for a few of mine when moving them from the propagation dome to the vegetation tent.

Best to you!


Hey everyone!

First off I want to say THANK YOU for ALL the advice!
Sadly everything died! :confused:
BUT, I am not giving up!
Bought a small greenhouse and a brand new kit. 5 seeds this time till I get the hang of this. LOL

May start a new topic once I get it all setup! :wink:


@MrsSmith90 I love the positivity!! You CAN do this and you WILL do this!!


Yep, as @Fieldofdreams said, you CAN do this! Don’t give up. We’re here to help. I had a very rocky start like you, with germination issues and stunted seedling growth, and managed to make it to harvest last week for the first time :slight_smile:


When you do start a new thread please tag me I would love to watch!