New grow, challenging conditions

Haven’t been here for a while, but back with a challenging new grow. I bought a house, an old one, fixer upper, and just recently set up tent in the warmest part, living room. Ilgm sour diesel autos. First one sprouted, hopefully second one will too. Going to be tough to keep consistent temp and humidity in this old house though. Heat with wood pellets, so kinda dry, but set up humidifier this morning to help. Will keep ya all posted as to how it goes🤞


Good luck on your fixer upper project, I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep the girls going.

A week in, so far, so good



12 and eleven days old, these babies are cranking

20 days on this one, she seems to be doing good. Her sis didn’t make it due to a transplant mishap, dropped another in water going to be another staggered grow. Greetings to fellow growers


You are in luck with the Sour Diesel. This is from ILGM: “Sour Diesel seeds are easy to cultivate in hot, slightly dry climates. Humidity levels need to remain low at all times. Savvy growers suggest using high-intensity lights when growing this strain, which can be very sensitive to powdery mildew.”

It is way easier, at least for me in the desert southwest, to have a plant that needs to be kept at a lower humidity. I used a small ceramic heater, with an auto thermostat, they are cheap at Wally World, etc. for a heater at night. Once they get bigger they tend to create their own heat/humidity. Since SD is sativa heavy, it may need the supplemental heat some. I think cooler nights tend to give some really pretty, flavorful buds.

I think you will be just fine.

Do you think that 60 percent humidity is too much for seedling and veg growth? I think my temps are good, but up here in southwest Ohio, we’re having some warmer than normal temps outside and humidity in the tent climbed to 90 percent overnight

34 days, still tying her down. Thought she was growing a little slow for a min, but compared to the last pic, she seems to be doing fine. Going without nutrients so far, just pH tap water.

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Hey folks, just quick update and pics of this gal. 40 days old and a lot of growth in last six days

Very nice growth.

48 days old today. Looks healthy, but not as big as my previous plants at this age, started to feed her fox farms trio on her last watering, and have been struggling with temp and humidity a bit.

28 days old on this gal, fimmed 3 days ago don’t know if it worked or not, she stretched alot. Don’t know if bottom branches will catch up with the eventual canopy or not. Any thoughts @MattyBear

Anytime you top or fim, you are breaking the apical dominance of the main cola and that will cause the lower branches to bush out and catch up to the tops

Fimmed at 5th node, but she really stretched between 2 and and 3rd node, she’s exploded in the last three days. Thanks, will keep you posted

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The fan leaves on this gal are making it difficult to get light to lower branches. Probably not a good idea to remove them at this point, or is it? I think it may be to far along to do much bending. @Countryboyjvd1971 , what do you think?

Now 70 and 34 days old

#4 has exploded in the last week