First Grow. Approaching splashdown. Sour Diesel

Greetings. Automatics. After mistakenly murdering one of my plants I thought had hermied, a short bout with slight nutrient burn. dropping a big fan on one and several more mishaps, my first grow is getting close to finish line. The tall one 2nd from left is a Columbian hybrid a month younger than the rest, and the rest are Sour Diesel. In front I have seedlings started from the ILGM Super Mix pack ready to go into three 7 Gallon cloth pots for grow 2.


Those SD’s are throwing Louisville Slugger colas!! Especially the first and the third. :drooling_face:

Looks like you could beat someone to a sticky gooey death with those things lol

Lets see some closeups!

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Those are some beautiful ladies… just looking from way over here I’d say you might need another 2-4 weeks for them to ripen up. The columbian might take 6-8… this is obviously a guess from a single picture and just my opinion


Exactly the numbers I was thinking. Great minds think alike!


:laughing: you snuck in some more pictures while I was typing :snail: I still stick with my guesstimation

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Very nice! I have 2 Sour Diesel Autos at 8 weeks in flower. Yours are looking good. Much better than mine.

I have pics in my journal. I you want to compare.