First Auto Grow - Sour Diesel & Super Skunk

Here are a few shots of my first grow attempt of Sour Diesel and Super Skunk from ILGM. Sitting at 20 days for both ladies. Looking for some tips, tricks or whatever you got to help make my first grow a success. I am considering starting nutes for my next watering (Jacks 321). Planted in FFOF 3 Gallon pots

Much Appreciated


They look beautiful!:heart_eyes:

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Welcome! They look good for 20 days to me. Your using FFOF, so you should be good on nutes for several weeks from my experience. Looks like a good set up too. Do you have a ph meter, small fans for airflow? Good lighting is the key to good growth for the ladies!! Make sure about that LIGHT. These are a few basics. Happy growing!:sunglasses:


Welcomed to the community @bdubsbuds
Looking beautiful plants
I love sour diesel autos I just cut my big girl just the smell is crazy and the hit omg

Happy growing :metal::green_heart:


looking good. welcome to the community. on nutes, search a few on this forum and see what you want to choose. like said above, do you have a ph and ppm or ec meter and a good set of lights?

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Thanks! Trying, but it’s a learning experience for sure!

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Thanks. I have a PH meter on the way (Apera PH20) and a TDS for runoff. Yet to use either meter since they both just arrived. Small fan attached to my tent for airflow. 4" AC Infinity fan w/ Carbon Filter. Light is a VIPARSPECTRA P2000.

definitely, your asking questions thats always a great start.

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Plants look good. Are you planning to top or train the plants?

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As of now I am leaning more towards LST. Seems more straightforward for my first run :thinking:

Looks great keep up the great work

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I ended up changing my mind and topped both plants after the 4th node. Can you let me know if I did it correctly?

Sorry to tag just you, new to the forum still learning… Thinking I should of started a grow journal vs this post


Tag away brother. I am here to help out where and when I can. It looks like you have more of a fimm going on then topping. Which is no problem.
I added a pic so you can see what I mean.

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That explains it much better. I’m going to stick with the FIM for now… don’t want to take off any more lol

Thank you

The title is great. Just use this as your grow journal. Post your progress, pictures and tag in growers when you have problems. Welcome to the community-we are all here to help you succeed!

I am sure one of the moderators can recategorize the subject.

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Could any of the moderators please help me switch my post to the Grow Journals section?

Topping looks a lil like a FIM either option is fine. I just tried FIM’ing my autos