New AC Infinity Iongrid lights?

Anyone know anything about these? Any good? When they’re coming out?

No i havnt heard of anything but id like to stay tuned in to check them out. That new sounding design has me intrigued

They are built with Samsung LM301h diodes the same as HLG. I would compare pricing between the 2 before buying.

They are available now.


Now that ive checked them out a little id say i like them better than the board lights. If i were to upgrade the full spectrum shop lights i use for seedling/clones thru veg and also mothers than i would say these might be in the running at least overtop of some moms in their enclosure

Is there any 3rd party testing? There reputation with me is very good with there fans. HLG has an excellent reputation for lights. Tough one.

Who makes them and where??

I think they are more than adequate for my uses as an upgrade but for possible flowering i might wait for more hands on user word of mouth info to help base my decision as well as cost effectiveness

Ac infinity so you can probably find them on amazon

I mean where are they made?

@newt has a … I think the IONGRID S22.

Love my little ACI light. I only use it for the clone half of my clone/veg/auto tent, but it is a rock star!

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There are only 1 or 2 models available, the rest say no date available on the website.

Yeah… Seems that way for many of their products. You can get some of them if you get a tent kit, however. So I guess it is a supply chain issue.

That sucks, they showed a lot of potential value for the $ including the controller. I’m either going to get a Photontek or HLG then.

I would go with HLG. Their products include the latest technology and their customer service is far above that of other light sellers. I had a problem with a driver a few years ago and HLG FedExed a replacement to me for next-day delivery. They are very responsive to service requests.


You have a cc for hlg?

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I’m not familiar with HLG’s current discount codes. I’m sure there are members here who keep up with it that can help. The best code I can find atm is “boxlapse.”

I love my AC T22’s. I was kind of thinking about the new series they have coming out though :thinking:

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“Dude” should work for HLG, I believe.

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Use BOXLAPSE at HLG. I used this a couple weeks ago and got 20 or 25% off.

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