Ac infinity introduces iongrid series lights

Can’t find any info on them yet tho.


Haha! I knew they were going to do this! They’re looking to get into a one stop shop for grow kits. I’ll be interested to see the specs on these. So far ac infinity has not disappointed.


For real. They’re getting a new headquarters again too. Apparently the last few months have been very good for them. They just announced light at 1pm today. No specs yet.


Hopefully they will put out good specs and a good product. If so ac infinity will be in all the grow shops like hydrofarm is

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They had a post on ig for a giveaway if u could be 1 of 10 to guess their next product they were coming out with u won it. Its the iongrid s22. As he said i cannot find any info beside on ig about it and its nothing but the pic shown and the name.

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Lol, I posted here somewhere a few weeks back that they were probably going to sell lights next. Can’t remember where. I’ll definitely be watching to see the specs on these lights.

I tried to zoom to see numbers on the driver but nada lol

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Found it, lol

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Wonder how the loghts gonna be having the lights on top tho. Looks like 4 or 5 lights 1 red greens maybe yellow. Idk but i see a row of light on the right side

Not sure. I’d say a power indicator but would be obsolete with a digital controller.

Didn’t mean to delete that… bah. Not typing it all again.
Here see pic. Figure out… lol

Also has the controller for 10/10s. Which I’ve been dying to find a decent not over priced repeating timer. Instead of a 24hr manual that simply can’t do 10/10.

I’m not seeing where the UVA is coming from. But its showing on spectrum. (Under 400 is UV) and HLG reds stop at fr.
So of their claims are true. They would be close to same price as HLG. Without haveing to also buy UVA bars or IR if you decide you need.

Would be a real game changer.

Only the 2x2 lights are out. And sold out. So far

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