ACInfinity developments

I don’t know if many of you visit the ACInfinity web site, but they are now selling lots more besides fans, charcoal filters and tents. Every week or two I check in only to find cool new products.

Recently they added germination trays with built-in lighting using the latest Samsung LEDs. It is a stand alone germination and cloning tray that you can use anywhere to increase your success rate.

2 weeks ago I looked and noticed supplemental lighting bars that are designed to mount to side of tent to add side lighting to your grow. They use magnets to mount to the metal bars. A new product available for preorder.

Last week I noticed 4.5L, 9L and 15 liter humidifiers designed with growers in mind instead of adapting a humidifier to a growing room. They won’t be out until next year, but I’m going to get some. You can preorder the 4.5 and 15 liter ones now.

If I’m overstretching by hyping these ACInfinity products feel free to delete this thread, but I think that innovative developers of cannabis friendly products should be rewarded. You might find something you can find useful.


I just went to their site to have a look see. Company is certainly stepping up in hub variations for the grower. I really, really like they made a hub adapter dongle with a 110 recepticle!! I’ve been waiting for this very thing.

Good find @CMichGrower


Im also interested in their newer items. Waiting on the s9 fan to be released and i love my 69 controller but they need to make a seperate hub or controller that can support more devices as it can only control 4 at a time and to me at least it doesnt make sense having more than one controller per tent or setup