Never seen this before, any ideas?

I have several seedlings in cups right now; I’ve decided to grow out most of the seed I bought this year. There were a couple of duds, but most are doing well.

However, this one is really odd. The second set of leaves never separated, and I finally tore them apart. But after a few days there’s no sign of any sprouting at the top. Meanwhile, it appears that there are some new growths coming from the node. I’m going to keep it to see what happens, it might turn into a sort of double stalk thing.

But has anyone else seen this? I note that there was a thread a year ago about bizarre growth.

Weird leaf

Yup, I’ve seen it. About a year ago one of my GSCE started that way. I almost threw her out several times, but I’m so glad I stuck with her. She straightened out completely well before flower, and was the best smoke out of the entire grow!

She’s putting up really good growth even before the cotyledon leaves are expended. Stick with it. She could be a heavy yielder. I’ve just finished out a genetic freak similar to yours and harvested a half-pound off the plant.

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It looks just like the other ten seedlings on my tray… Mr. Bergman sells good shit. Here’s a pic I just took, look closely at the Skywalker on the far right. It still has full, green cotyledon leaves and it’s more than 3 inches tall.

Also note roots visible in the mirror. I use transparent blue cups so I can see their development. PS all but the Sky germinated less than 2 weeks ago, the Sky was a week earlier.

One trick I’ve learned is to keep a fan on them, every leaf should be wiggling 24/7. Makes them strong!