Any idea what's going on here?

These 2 White Widow Autos were germinated and sprouted on the same day, about 2 weeks ago. They have had the same lighting, watering, and nutrients I got here on ilgm. The one on the left I am happy with so far, but the one on the right has had trouble since the seed popped off. Very slow growth, misshapen leaves, leaves curled over. I’m ready to trash the little one but would like to know for the future if it looks like I’ve done something wrong or if it’s just a weak seed. Thanks for any help.

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@Dl952 First off welcome to the forum That is auto flowers for you they are all going to be different sizes they’re very temperamental completely normal I would not get rid of it either because sometimes they can do some really amazing stuff just keep doing what you’re doing looks like you’re about ready to do some transplanting here in the next week or 2


A lot of seedlings I have had and up with what I would call weird leaves. Twisted,underdeveloped,part missing and all sorts of weirdness. It has always turned out fine for me as new growth came so did the better looking leaves.
Let it grow you should be fine. Here is an example of a weird one I have.

See the weird leaf. New growth is looking great.

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Welcome! They’re not clones, they’re going to grow differently. I wouldn’t cull her, she may surprise you.


Thanks for the replies, I will hang onto it and see what happens. I have these other 3 that came out of the same pack they are only a day or two older and seem to be taking off very nicely, so I thought for sure the little one was a dud.

Same thing some parents said about their kid. That kid now runs Amazon.


Hahahahaah that was a good one