Strange White widow autos

A while back I purchased some white widow autos from you and have an interesting story. I germinated 5 seeds and put them in 3 gallon grow bags with soil. All 5 sprouted and grew the first set of serrated leaves. 3 of them continued growing and 2 of them just stopped. They didn’t die, just stopped growing. I let them sit under the lights with the others for a few weeks then when no progress was made, placed them in a corner of my grow area while the other 3 grew, flowered and was harvested. I then started another 4 plants and waited for them to begin the veg cycle. After about a month of normal growth of the new plants, I moved the 2 sleepers back under the lights. 3 days later, I notice new growth showing up. One of them was quicker than the other. When it reached about 30cm tall, it started to flower and has since continued and is looking healthy. The other was slower and vegged until the 30cm height was reached, and is now showing signs of flowering. They seem to be very healthy now and it’s like nothing happened but they are about 120 days old, probably more. Has anyone ever heard of this?

I’m having the EXACT same problem. Germinated three seeds and planted them all at the same time.

I lost one due to operator error, but the other two are still here. One of the plants is doing great!! The other, just seems to sit there and do nothing. I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is.

Same strain as yours.

I ran out of soil when I was planting them and used a different type on one. So it’s 2 types of soil on both the runts. They were not next to each other when they stopped growing. It’s probably a genetic difference because of autos being fairly new but that is only my completely inexperienced opinion.

I got 60day wonder autoflower ( should finish in 60 days)
Its been 70 days now they just started to flower…all 9 of them…
Make it 100day wonder :slight_smile:

They do what they do when they are ready !!!
No worries happy growing !

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