Needs for small grow tent

Racking my brain around all the equipment needed for a 32 by 32 by 63 grow tent.
I want to use a led light…which one would you recommend?
I need an inline fan with a carbon filter and ducting…to break this down in short…I need everything to make this complete and functional for my outside tool shed.
Experience with this sort of Set up would be much appreciated thank you

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I was going to get a 800 watt led but I think it’s too much light for a small space.

sorry bud HID is my area and a 400w hid would more than do it in that space for me :wink:

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My toolshed is filled lawnmower, Weed eater etc so it is not the cleanest spot but the only place I can do this…I’m worried about bringing in bugs from cut grass.

Why not led?

How many actual watts does this LED use? I think he is saying his light uses 400 watts so your light sounds like way over kill.


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Lol I took 10yr break from growing had too much attention and LED was very new when I stopped so quite simply I went back to what worked for me in the past. New equipment is costly and didn’t want to invest in unfamiliar equipment while still running hard in the red in time will upgrade but liking old reliable atm.

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Double chip at 10 watt led 800 W I don’t know where else to look for the actual wattage it just says 800 W

800 is still likely too much for so small a space think 600 or 2 300’s


I think the 2 300’s would do good as you can hang one on each side and evenly distribute the light between all the plants that will be in there instead of 1 600 over 1 spot

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Thanks for the reply I’m only growing one plant would you still use that same method? In a 32 x 32 by 63 growing tent

There are benefits to 2 lights In HID led I suspect would be the same it allows you to overlap light sources adjust your footprint and even out growth by angling light slightly on each side of plant you get a more even light through cannopy. This is very common practice with t5’s and cfl’s side many add t5’s for side light with good result the thing with Led as I understand but don’t quote me could be wrong they have very direct and pointed light. this means they don’t penetrate or diffuse the same and are very intense over smaller footprint depending on quality and design. Lets be honest it always starts off as 1 plant :wink: then the bug gets you so 2 lights is never a bad thing

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Exactly if follow what Donald just said, and in my opinion yes I’d still use the Same method 2 300’s one in each side as it even distributes light

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If it is labeled a 800 watt LED, just because it uses 80 x 10 watt LEDs, it probably is not using any where near 800 watts.

The 10 watt per LED rating is the max that the LED can be run at before it burns out and most of the time they actually power them at about 50% capacity, and so your LED might be using only 400 watts, which means it might be pefect for your application.

You could also plug it into a watt meter and know for sure how much it uses, but it also probably has a recommended area of coverage, and so I would imagine you bought it for a reason in relation to the area you need to cover and if it says it will cover your area through flower, then the manufacturer will usually not guide you in the wrong direction when it comes to recommended coverage area.

But here is a link to a watt meter if you want to check it out:


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My 300 watt led actually uses 65 watts an I keep 2 in that space

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Every time I pick a light I seem to always get it wrong. Can you please help me select A good one or two nights for no more than 150 bucks

Preferably LED or CFL

It would be nice if someone said to me here you go that’ll do the trick

I primarily use HID lights this means not best to ask about LED we have several members who use led @yoshi would be far better to ask than I

Here is a nice 400 watt HID setup:\

And dealzer has some nice LEDs and here is a KIND LED that will cover a 36"x44" area:

Happy growing,