Needs for small grow tent

Dkeys have you checked those links from the science officer ?

I have a question I believe goes with this subject. As I’ve been looking at grow tents alot of the smaller tents… 36x36x78 or 48x36x78 say in ad perfect for 400 -600watt light. I’m using an 800 watt led I know it’s only using actually about 400 watts but should this light be dangerous in those smaller tents?
I only plan on 4 plants in each phase at same time so I figured 36x36 or 48x48 would be perfect,etc size for me. But now I wonder if it’s too much light for this size tent. My light manufacturer says it’ll cover 3.5’ X 3.5’ I just don’t want a fire even less don’t heat up like mh and hps. I do think I’ll need a water chiller system for my dwc 5 gallon buckets. But that’s another project for near future. First tent out of 2 I plan to order Jan 3Rd pay day lol

reason we suggested under the 800w for his tent is the height it would be incredibly hard for dkeys to control his heat in so small a volume of space it’s not simply the foot print one needs to consider its the volume. A taller tent allows you to better control your temps and distance of plants from light since hot air rises having more space above your light lets it dissipate some in a short small tent 37cf verses 58cf is a big difference this is your 36x36x78 21 cubic feet larger than his the 800w would likely work for you :wink: the 48x48 would give you more room to work around your plants so your light is just about right.

You won’t have any problems with a LED that uses only 400 real watts in either of those tents, 36x36x78 or 48x36x78, especially when most LED will tell you what area they cover at what height.

And a LED that only uses 400 real watts will always create less heat than a 400 watt HPS, as well as LEDs will almost always be much less of a fire hazard than HPS bulbs.


Yes the price is too high.

This tent is even smaller it’s 32 x 32 x 63 and thank you for your continuous support.

lol was refering to your tent as being smaller 37cf the small one he’s looking at is 58cf


Hey man I’m broke closet grower that has pieced together a small closet grow.

Wal-Mart and dollar store. I use all cfls. I started with 2 grow light that say grow bulbs they have all spectrums i believe ugh. tubes from Wal-Mart $11 each. Couple 3 way, 900 lumens each 3 kid them inn roast tin, couple big spot light cfls and a clip fan. I have it I. A washer box i got for free from local Sears. my local Dollar store sells silver packing sheets that work better then tin foil. White copy paper works. $1 thermometer and started with old seeds i had. Black garbage bags also to seal no light leaks. The cfl lights give off almost no heat. Must have ventilation though it gets muggy humid.

Looks like your doing good so far and yea you wanna get at least a small breeze going asap

Thank you, it’s all experimenting. I am working on clones now ugh.

Especially seeing your girls are in flower which brings me to conclusion try and invest in a hps bulb at least a 400 watt bulb and ballast, as in flowering you need more of a red and orange spectrum and your only suppose to use 2700 Kelvin bulbs for flowering in guessing the gels your using are 5500 kelving which you’d want to use for vegitative not flowering and make sure your N lvls are lower than the P-K ratio as potassium helps your bids swell and phosphate helps your roots stay healthy

Clones you want to have a 5500 Kelvin bulb at least 450 watts they’ll do best I’ll post a couple charts for you

Wow thank you so much. Once i can afford better lights I’ll make a better tent and taller. Right now it’s a mini grow box. Lol

Mini clone room on top hehe
I love growing and learning, thank you for your time very much.

Also for your clones use either a florescent tube light like you have or at least a 250w mh (metal halide) bulb with another ballast, the metal halide may work better, as for the help and time not a problem that’s what are here for :smile:

And that looks like a descent set up just invest in an oscillating fan as well and you should do just fine

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Also every one has to start some where :smile:

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Ok i have a fan set up but i don’t like the way it works. Soon I’ll upgrade to a refrigerator box lol intake

Exhaust fan.

Would it be better to have fun pulling air in instead and on to plants ?

Ok that’s looking better, yes those fans don’t put out much I have one for my vegitative guys, here I’ll get you a picture or try lolthey way I have it set up the fan blows through the open door, and out the other side where other little plant is out so the air recirculates through room, and every other day I open the window so the big fan can drag fresh air in