Needing some suggestions on what's wrong or how to fix

History of grow: Equipment(4x8 tent, Maxbloom Led, FoxFarms soil, FoxFarms Tiger Bloom,FoxFarms Big Bloom), Light is 30" from plants started out with 18hr schedule & flipped to 12hr(9/23). Been on 12/12 a little over 5weeks now. Nutrients every-other-day, 2-3 cups water everyday depending on moisture reading. Temp fluctuates between 73/77@50-60 percent humidity depending on how the outside temps are.
OK, I’m 78 days in- right at 10 weeks. The girls in back are Platinum OG(Autos), the ones in front are Durban Poison(Feminized, but in preparing this I notice the package said Photo on it). Platinum buds are fine, I’m happy with them. I’m not sure of the differences between Phots & Autos when growing either.

The DP girls are not producing buds. Is there any way to salvage them without harming the Platinum OG’s?
I appreciate any help, suggestions.


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Autos will flower under any light schedule.
Photos need 12/12 to flower. But they wont flower until they get old enough. Typically 4 or 5 weeks old is enough but it can take longer.
Make sure you have no light at all during the 12 hr dark period. No nightlights, no equipment indicator lights or things like that. If they still wont flower after a couple more weeks with the 12 hrs of dark you can try a 24/48 hour dark period to see if you can trigger flowering. It wont harm the autos.
I think it will begin to flower on its own if you just make sure you have good total darkness.


I will double check all my indicator lights in the tent & make sure they are all taped over. No lights are on in the basement at night either. Will definitely go down tonight & check everything. I was wondering about the Autos- my biggest reason for asking before I switch back to a different schedule. TY!!


:point_up_2: missing the FF Grow Big, it’s your nitrogen source and needed from start to finish.

Too often Growmie. Follow a drench to drought method with a minimum of 20% run off especially using a heavy salt based fertilizer like FF. 2-3 cups is not enough for run off, the run off will help rinse/expel those accumulated salts from building up that can lead to tanking the PH preventing nutrient absorption. FF also recommends a periodic flush but with liberal run off this is often preventable :love_you_gesture:


OK, cool- will make sure I get run-off, I think that is a good suggestion as “usually” I get good runoff, but with this grow it just seems like I got something off with the soil, it just never seems like it’s wet enough(my moisture readings are usually on the low side with this grow) whereas my other grows I always got runoff. I got Grow Big too, just never used it on my weed. Wow, never thought! I might of been successful on a few grows before this one, but man I’m still a total apprentice at growing… Hey… big TY OG!! “Much Appreciated” IDK, can’t say TY enough for the suggestions.


Anytime Growmie, I started in soil and the FF nutrients but switched after 2 grows to coco and Jacks 321. Super simple, clean and coco is much more forgiving than soil. Drench to drought method is the best advice I can offer, complete or near dry before feeding or watering again. Roots need the drying cycle for oxygen. Don’t forget to check those run off numbers occasionally or if you see something off in the leaves :love_you_gesture: