Nitrogen deficiency I think?

My girl is taking a turn for the worst!!! Autoflower in a 7 gal pot with soil and she’s turning yellow not only on the bottom but also moving upward.

I thought she’d be further along in flowering by now given she’s 14 weeks old. I haven’t been using much nitrogen because I thought it was too late in the grow and it would prevent flowering.

Is it too late to start adding fox farms GrowBig to help her recover? Or is there another thing going on here? How would a pro try to salvage this situation?

Hopefully this is enough for some advice. Thx as always!

I’m not a pro at all but mine was doing the same thing and eventually the entire plant turned a light lime green

I started giving it more FF grow big and this is her now …

Now I’m not telling you to give it more nutes there are way more experienced than me here and they will come along
But I thought I was giving it too much

I’m also outdoor photoperiod and autos are harder to help I think because they have a hard time recovering fast enough

Lol and of course that was earlier in the life of my plant than yours


14 weeks and no flower? I suspect mislabled seeds and you have a photo period plant there. Can you cut the light times to 12/12?

Not a pro but I would add the grow big and put on a 12/12 light cycle to make it flower.

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Thanks! Ya I think I have to add more N for sure. Feels late but it must not be an auto, all my other autos are pretty much good to go.

Will try the 12/12 move, will have to rig up a dark room given this one has been purely outdoors so far.

Give it 48hr of darkness followed by 12/12, higher degree of success.


They should start flowering outside in the next couple weeks. I wouldn’t flip it with a deficiency. Fix your problem then just let nature do the flip. She should be back on track by then. That’s the point of photos. You can make sure they enter into transition healthy. Don’t waste that. If it is an auto and being lenient. Fix the deficiency before initiating flower stretch if you can help it.