Need to change my screen Name first grow indoor

this is my first grow indoors.
i have a 1.2x1.2m tent
2x 400w hps
1 100w fullspectrum led from sanlight
3 autos easy bud
1 holy punch fem and a couple of clones
growing in earth
using bio fertelizer
fans carbonfilter and exhaust
my temps range between 17 and 30 °C
humidity is around 50%
ph kept between 5.7 and 6.6

the autos are aprox 3 week from harvest.
i did some experiments with them.
one i didnt touch
one i just took away some leaves
one i did some LST like bending, lollypoping and defoliating

veg went trough smooth, no issues at all

they all had some nitrogen deficency the days after crismas.second week of flowering. i left them with an irrigation system, without nutrients for 5 days, and 2/3 of their leafes turned yelow when i came back. i also stoped feeding them grow fertelizer too soon.

the holy punch wasnt affected by that at all.

as far as i can tell the one auto i didnt touch ist doing best. she isnt the biggest, nor the most resinous but
she has the biggest buds, most bud sites, althoug her leafs are still more yellow than the other too she will be ready for harvest first.

the one i only took some leafes is the least advanced but the highest of them all. cant realy say how much the buds will grow and about the resin.

the one i manhandled most will be second to harvest, she is looking most frosty, her buds are swelling up ncely these days, but her overal appearence is not ideal. the diffrent branches and their buds are all very close to each other.

what astonishes me most is the fact that the one i didnt touch is nice and bushy, the branches grew out to get the most light, where as the ones i tried to force into the light grew tall and compact.
i heard autos are best to be left alone, either my lst was crap or that saying has some merit…

my future setup will be with a veg tent 90cmx90cm and a flowering tent, on which i will need some advice
i plan to have a mother in the veg tent and make 2 to 3 grows from her with SOG in the flowering tent.

unfortuntely i didnt make pics of this grow until recently, i will put on some rencent ones tonight…

any input is appreciated, as this is my first grow indoors.
the thing I sense is the main difference to outdoors is the pot, many things change just because of the pot.

and is it possible to change my screen name? because it has become higly inadequat unless i start to do some guerilla grows, which i dont plan to… :smile:

sincerely outooring


Left back easy bud auto untouched, left front mother plant holy punch, right front easy bud auto some defoliation, right back easy bud LST

Easy bud un touched

Slight defoliated



@latewood helped me with a screen name change :v:

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Bare in mind i have only grown outdoors in plain soil from seed.

All the rest i have only read about

Overview 3xeasy bud AF & 1 holy punch fem

18/6 light cycle since 15.nov






Here you can see where I cut the toppings a week ago, with some other lower branches.

I’m still tring to make them root…

The one outside the pot is the sole survivor of 12 from the first batch of clones.

The clone war has startet…
Where are the jedis?
I could need some help with these clones.

Some questions

How long till harvest for number 1?

How should i threat the mother, in terms of nutrients?

What what about the clones?

Everything is coming along good. Week 9 since sprouting day

If you look closely you can see the sparkling trichoms…

Almost there…


It’s been a week every evening I tell my self… She still has a week to go… :sweat_smile:

Did cut a third batch of clones. The whole first batch died.

I bought the 35% peroxide water for cleaning the tools, i think its strong…

??? Does any one has experience with that stuff???

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I use 3% peroxide straight out of the bottle in-between grows to clean up everything. During my grows I just put a few tbs in a quart spray bottle of water and I’ll spray down my room plants and all with it. I’ve never bought any special peroxide

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I have used that too but taught some extra muscles for clone cutting might be good.
Apparently it decays into water and nitrogen i know my girls like that.
I wipe the tools give it 10 min to do its thing and cut… Since yesterday that is…
been sloppy on my first batch

@outdooring. Be very careful with concentrated hydrogen peroxide! That stuff will burn skin and eyeballs. Worked with it in the lab. Wear gloves and goggles.


Official due date was yesterday
But I think I still have a week to go…

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Since friday Im packing the pots full of snow and water that way, as snow abounds lately​:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:… just for the two i hope only have a week to go :blush:
I could have imagined but it seemed to boost trichoms a bit

One of them i cut off the very tip of the main cola 2 days ago…
I’m of the impression that today i see double the amount of new white hair on this one

Will post pics soon

I cant stop looking at them

So yummy

Just beautiful




That first one has some nice big ti… Buds

They look even better upside down, these are the same plants in the first pic above

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What strain?

They are supposed to be the same strain of an unknown OG I had traded with a friend of mine named Jimmy so I named them OG Jimmy. The tape on the jar had gotten wet and all we could read was OG. But I’m thinkin that I mixed up some seeds in the paper towel, then again it wouldn’t be the first time the same strain grew different looking plants.


Are they autos or fem?

How long would you give mine.?

There’s a mix of fem and reg seeds but all are photos. I finally ordered some auto seeds but still haven’t grown any at all.

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I may leave all my autos alone now. The size difference of buds is dramatic.

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