Need to change my screen Name first grow indoor

never mind

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch… :wink:

Cotyledon porn :rofl:

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Some early cuttings

I wonder how many of them it’s going to take to hold the main cola :blush:

When the HPS kicks in, its glow is like the morning sun.

Worst and best of 4 happy clones. Thanks @Hellraiser

The whole clone army…

Attempts at mainlining with my mother plant inspired by @Arrow

Top view holy punch mainlined mother :crazy_face:



I think she is going down tonight

She didn’t go down that night… And after buying a hand held microscope I’m glad about it…

Some buds had to be sacrificed for research😁 and it’s really hard to see something when you dont have a stable surface… I really tried not to cut any…

So like every week since 4 weeks I say: One more week…


I also gave my mother new shoes…

And found this mesmerising sight

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The veg tent is on air

I put a drying box in there that has a tube running out that works as a passive air intake…


So far so good…
Since 3 days the (now grand) mother holy punch is alone under the hps and on 12/12 light schedule…

I did quite some training on her… Topping, FIMing, mainline or whatever it is called(still not shure on the terminology) defoliation and so on…

Side view. This is new territory for me! any advice is welcome!!!

My veg tent is very crowded, with plenty of small clones some in smal pods 4 big clones, 2 strawberry CBD sprouts, and 5 pepper plants.

I topped 3 of the 4 established clones.

And did a ?mainline? on one that already grew this way, I just bend it down with two hooks i made out of some scrap metal i had around…


My drying box is working very good.

@MeEasy, @Watt-Sun, @Bluntsmoke, @JaneQP, @Hellraiser, @Oldguy,

Sorry for randomly tagging, need some savy eyes that might spot something i missed, that needs doing mainly on the big flowering plant, I’m hesitant to cut more shoots. I left everything that seems to me has a chance to reach the canopy in one week from now, and it still seems very crowded.

What other criteria should i use to determine what to cut?

Another thing I’m not sure…

Should i keep bending the new growth under the net for the next couple days? Or should i let her go?

I’m hesitant but close to putting the established clones into flower too …
Please tag whoever you think might be able to help.


You can continue to tuck branches under your net up to 3 weeks after the switch to 12/12. During the stretch.
After that the stems will harden.


That drying box is real stealthy I like it. Good work my dude✌🏼


I should paint the box white…

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You got it dialed in! Everything looks good to me. Subbed.

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what do you mean with subbed?

turns out, if you know how to grow outdoors, are not technophobe, and can read. indoor growing is fairly easy. easier than outdoors!!!

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Looks like you got a lot going on, nice growing! Like oldguy said, keep tucking branches under the screen during the stretch.

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Outdoorindoor sounds good for a name change imo. All you do is remove the g and add door. Lol

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Oh no… I will have to remember another moniker at login :see_no_evil:

I will finish this grow journal when the holy punch is dryed and weighed. And keep my moniker… :sweat_smile:

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