2nd grow ! 1st one got lb and a half. Upgraded lights going for the moon!

So my first grow i grew 5 clones and a seed plant in 4x8. And got 20 ounces with 800 watts of light with 2 tsw mars hydro 300 watts. and 2 blurples cheap 110 watts . I recently acquired a 640 watt phlizon light and ph b8 d. And using this and 2 mars hydro tsw 2000 now in big tent. And will have 1230 watts from wall.

Going to grow 4 autos in big tent only. I have promix bx myco n biofuncides … advanced nutrient micro gro bloom again with most of master recipe. 12 of them. Ill list later. Using an 8 inch ac infinity inline. 3 6 inch oscialting fans. 2 stationary Shooting for lb out of 4 autos at least.

Goriila glue auto
Cbd lemon auto
Strawberry cheesecake auto
And moby dick auto

Running a 3x3 tent also with biscotti mints gonna do a 3x3 scrog. One plant. 10 weeks veg. Kind 330 w uv. Ir light. And also 2 oscilating fans. Going for least 8 ounces. Hoping 10 lol. Shooting for the moon !

But real deal feel me listically… if i average 4 ounces a plant and get 20 ouces. Im ok with that lol. :ok_hand:

@Docnraq maybe youd enjoy to ride along again ?
@ChaddyDaddy. Maybe you would also ? 2 friends who came thru first ride.

Stripped n cloroxed the tent and fans frm first grow took eveythimg apart and put back together so all clean. Disinfe ted and ready to rock.


Measured with Kill-a-watt meter? Or Manufacturer specs (advertisement)?
I am envious of the space you have available.Good growin to you, regardless.


Manufacturers from wall specs. Ie. Mars tsw2000 says 2000watts. Buts its power draw is 300. 1230 is total power draw with led. Ty! Yes i went big for first timer lol but it paid off and than some.

Last set up beggining veg.


Last grow mid and end flower.


The tale of the tape will definitely depend on how the autos fair. They can run the gamut.
Good luck


Just hanging out here in the back row with my popcorn!! I love the room available!!


Looks awesome, joining along

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A master in mixology is helpful. And a little OCD is too.


Im down for the ride. Thanks for the invite!


I have spent thousands more than I planned.
AC-Infinity products, tents (more), seeds, clones, just unbelievable, but part of the plan.
Kitchen sink, who knew.
Just keeping wife happy, costs a fortune.


The 2000 in tsw2000 has nothing to do with its power. Its meant to signify that the light is equivelent to a 2000 watt Metal Halide light. I think its very missleading and a crappy buisness practice on the part of all light manufacturers. Also is likely very untrue. A 2000 watt MH fixture puts out an awful lot if light!


Ahh very nice, i see the Advanced line. I use the grandmaster kit myself 8)


Hah Hah Holy sh!t…top shelf info there. Love to see that fixture. 2000W MH laughable.

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Impressive in many ways!

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Nice setup @Jestertz , lots of light and a big tent to grow big in!

I too use ProMix (HP right now, sometimes I get the BX depending what they have in stock), and also use Advanced Nutrients line. Altho not quite as many products as you have, think I have 8 or 9. I’ve only got a 4x4 and have 5 photos in it now, also hoping for 4oz each plant. You’re going to have a ton of space for them to grow outwards if you can train them that way. I’d go with more plants if I had your tent but I have a problem that way, can’t kill any unless they hermie on me. If the 10 cuttings I took the other day all root out, I’m sure I’ll end up with 15 in my tent next month (unless wife lets me put my old COB light in a closet).
Interested in seeing how this grows out for you! Grow on! :muscle:


Oh i know. Thats why i said 300 watts from wall. I didnt mean it was 2000 watts lol but all toegther ill have 1230 true watts from wall is all.

  1. 300 watt mars hydro and 1 630 watt phlizon 1230 total :heart: you corrected me first grow when i thought i had a 2000 watt equivalent light lol. I shld have about 1200 watt equivalent now. Even allowing error least a 1000 watt equivalent. . Specially being inside refelctive tent. Cant wait ! Seeds starting tails now :heart:

Thats why i got second tent. Forst ine went huge with 10 plants so i expanded lol. Filled em so much i had plants outside tent lmao

Alotta work. But my chem got 20 percent thc so def like the outcome

This is 630. I have 2 300s gonna add in