How long till i start flushing

When do I harvest?

They are autos the due date according to the seedhouse was 17.jan.

I have a grow log going but no one answerd there…

Grow log

Latest pics…

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Check out the flush or not to flush post in the gardeners corner.

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Ok so i don’t flush… Huh

That’s a pretty though urban legend but the argument of the dye not going out of leafs makes sense.

As all my nutes are organic i might not flush…

But when do I harvest?

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Still too many white pistils and mostly cloudy trichs with some clears, they have the “check back in 2 weeks” look to me.


Two weeks…

It’s always such a treat to wait till harvest, especially if you have no stash…

Thanks for the advice

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Could always take a little to hold you over, sucks to be out of smoke while the tent is full of buds LOL.

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If i ever get tortured i hope the torturer doesn’t know about my weakness

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@outdooring. It is just one article. You do you and what you feel comfortable in trying for your grow.


You’re coming close to that harvest window great job. Feel free to tag me your next journal I’m always down for the ride.

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