Need help topping clones (Blueberry OG and Cali OG Haze)

Hello everyone, I’m a new-ish grower. I’ve almost finished my first grow and I am starting up a new grow with some Blueberry OG and Cali OG Amnesia Haze clones.

I have run into some confusion on how to number the “nodes” of the clones since they are not fully uniform. I was wondering if someone can help clear up my insanity before I top. Clones are well established roots; I got them at 1 week old and now they are going on 4 weeks old. Everything is looking healthy and I want to top soon for 8 main colas per plant.

Blueberry OG is indica - so it will stay short, but the Cali OG is a sativa so I’ll be using LST and bud clips and a trellis net eventually.
I will include some pictures here for reference and help. I would appreciate some expert growers advice on the questions below please and thank you.


  1. Blueberry OG clone - am I counting the nodes right? The red line is where I would top for the 4th node? Just want some reassurance.

  2. Cali OG Haze clone - am I counting the nodes right on this sativa? The red line is where I would top for the 4th node?

Any advice is welcomed! I am still not fully sure how to develop the amount of main colas I want from each plant, but I only want about 8 main colas. If there is new growth coming in from the main branches do you guys just take it off when you defoliate? Will that tell the plant to focus on the main cola growth instead?

Anytime you pull a limb over and where the leaves are a limb will come out so light has to hit that spot before a will limb come out does that make scenes @lazyleaper342

Sorry mate, what are you referring too? @Reed71 the red line is where I’ll top both plants I think.

That will allow the bottom branches to come up and develop, but I heard people take off the lower branches since these are usually weak?

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If they get same light of any top its all the same. people cut them off because they are so low on plant harder to get light too

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When I top, I always take off 1 & 2 and sometimes more depending on which method I am going to use as far as future training. On this plant for example I topped at 5, and cut off 1, 2 & 3 for a quad line.


Topping is topping. Nodes don’t really come into play. I mean, you don’t want to do it when there’s only one, but otherwise it doesn’t really matter.

By pinching off the top growing shoot, you’re just removing the apical dominance. This redistributes the auxins to the side branches. Those now compete to become the new apical top.

Simply, rinse and repeat for a bushy plant, with multiple tops.


Thanks a lot everyone; for your comments. I’ll be topping the end of next week. Shooting for 4- 8 main branches :+1:

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Topping a clone is a little trickier than a plant from seed. The seed plant is growing symmetrically as it veges, but the clone is growing asymmetrically. Your best bet is doing some HST and supercropping as the branches grow to get a more even canopy.


This plant was top one time and alot of training

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Well thanks for the tips and advice peeps! Much appreciated! I’ll be starting a new grow thread for the blueberry and cali og haze. If your interested in following along please DM me or @ my name.

Both plants are now topped and ready to grow! Got them sitting under the spider farmer 300w LED full spec light. 12" distance plants are praying! Already have some smell since these are clones.

Before Topping Blueberry OG:

After Topping Blueberry OG:

Before Topping Cali OG Haze:

After Topping Cali OG Haze:

These girls are looking a bit dry today and light after lifting up the 1 gal pots but I’m going to water tomorrow morning. This helps me stay on track with waters always in the morning only.

Happy growing to the growmies!
Picture of both plants at 4 weeks old:

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Been awhile since I updated everyone. Yhe blueberry momma has been going strong. Shes 5 weeks old and been trained. Now has about 6 good clones on her. Going to root 6 and keep the best 4 out of them to grow out for a month and flower out.

Stay tuned for thay journey!

Pics of BB momma 5 weeks.

The Cali OG was found out to be from a hermie so I scraped it. Thats to bad because that was such a good strain what i was looking for. I like sativa dominants, more energetic smoke. To bad about that.
I did pick up some replacements once the blueberries are done. Next will be purple dream and megafauna s1. Cant wait for this run.

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The BB momma is looking huge now. Weekly update.

Feeding her about 700ppms of feed every 2days now. Shes def filled the 1 gallon pot. Going to take apme clones off her soon and flower this beast once my GWS girls are done. They are about 2 weeks out!

Here are the GWS in flower:

Here is the BB momma at week 9 of veg from clone.

Another 2 weeks and ill be cloning her and flowering her out! Woohoo! Cant wait to see her bloom. I hope she goes blue and frosty, if so and shes a keeper ill keep the clones around and create a new momma off them. If not she will get tossed because I have some other genetics that are tried and true to be awesome! Let the pheno hunt begin!

Not me, I like Christmas Trees.

However, she could be topped and re-shaped.
My clone #1 for summer 2023.

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Shes looking good brother, what strain is that?

I confess, I am responsible for the Summer 22 Backyard Orgy with multiple bag seeds.
In addition to purchasing ILGM provided Super Silver Haze (that she is not) Harlequin (not sure). Local White Widow (strongly suspect). However, the ILGM provided Maui Waui and Gold Leaf for the fall grow, as suspect.
The pictured above clone is the clone from a re-veged plant harvested in May 2023. Her mother is pictured here, at one month since removal from outdoors, flip, in the tent, and has since provided clones and now tasting pieces. One month was 9-6 pictured below One plant in 4x4

It was a fun summer, had by all, here.

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Those are nice in the picture brother! Well done on the grow! My BB was easy to clone so far. I’ve got 2 of them that lasted out of 3.

Thanks for sharing growmie! Keep on growing!

My USB microscope arrived
10-04-2023 Test Bud1
Bud porn
I shake still.
Learning about trichome coloring progression, now that i can see something.