Need help please

So I planted my seeds in a mix of potting soil and miracle grow on sunday at 3:20 pm. Ive been keeping a very detailed record of light schedules and watering. My seeds haven’t popped at all yet and im a little worried. They are planted in a seed starter green house. Take a peek at my logs and let me know if Ive done something wrong please.

I only water when the soil gets dry and not very much at all. Maybe 8 or 10 oz for the whole planter, just enough to keep the soil damp.

Im also using a 250w heat lamp.

I’m wondering if you might have cooked your seeds. A 250 watt heat lamp seems like a lot. And a heat lamp is not necessarily good at all for plants, not even close to the right spectrum and may be creating way too much heat under the surface. The seeds only need a little heat to germinate, around 72-75F (22-24C), much higher and you encourage anaerobic conditions and the anaerobic bacteria that is not good for the seeds’ health.

To be honest im not quite sure what temperature it os inside the greenhouse. Im going to get a thermometer and get back to you.

Germination with much hotter temperatures is possible. Cannabis seeds and roots do like a lot of oxygen and are very susceptible to becoming water logged and drowning, not unlike cactus roots. Keeping temperatures near those optimal ranges is a good thing to shoot for, as water does have less of an ability to hold dissolved oxygen at hotter temps and that can increase the chance of the seeds drowning.

Well id estimate the temp around 80° inside the greenhouse. Like i said before i only water to keep soil damp. Very little is needed due to the condensation on the lid. Temp here ranges from 20° to 60° so i used the 250w heat lamp to ensure it stayed warm enough. I just opened the lid again to check the soil and it smells a little like a decomposition. I cant quite put my finger on the smell but it definitely doesnt smell like damp soil. I think ive crashed this batch and may need to start again. What are your thoughts?

What gets me the most is about two months ago i put some seeds outside in a pot just for kicks and they sprouted with no problem or any care from me. However my nephews pulled them out shortly after :frowning: they didnt know what it was but decided they wanted to play with the pot haha. Now im puttong in all this time and effort to start a crop and have zero sucess. I think thats irony at its best lol

Yup, that smell is from anaerobic bacteria.

Ok ill start over after work. Should i use a seed starter greenhouse with out the light? It stays pretty warm in the living room from our heater so i think ill set it by the window and try that.

A seed starter greenhouse may be just fine without the heat lamp. A 35-45 watt CFL will provide plenty of heat in most cases or the room temperature may also be just fine. Just don’t get it too hot, don’t let it get too cold and make sure you are not overwatering it.